Heal paladin build?

So I wanted to make a build around as much hp regen as possible for hc. I noticed there just wasnt any good regen items so that leaves me with just prayer. With prayer + insight that should get me to 111 hp/s for everyone on the team which seems alright but it wasnt really enough to make me happy. Then I noticed holy bolt now also damages demons instead of just undead so now I got something to work with and want to see if anyone can make improvements.

weapon: Insight poleaxe (for the looks)
helm: delirium, shaco would be better but again for the looks
armor: enigma, no other option
glove: magefist
boots: crafted life regen, no good boots anyway
amulet: mara
ring: sojx2
Charms: +1 defensive, combat skills would be better but prayer will be more consistent with healing people who move all over the place. Still not sure on this one.

max prayer (39)
max holy bolt (30)
max fist of the heavens (30)
This leaves me with 45 points left over that I dont really know what to put into since I cant equip 2 auras. Maybe salvation if I determine that my team needs that resist more then the extra prayer heal but that is till 25 points left.
Now as for merc I dont really know. For ultimate heals I would go a2 merc with prayer and put insight on him while switching me over to plague. This would be good to but I really wanted to use a poleaxe for the looks.

an insight bow would look pretty sweet.
as for your skill points, why not also max cleanse and use cleanse since the prayer is a synergy and will still work with cleanse active?

Could also max Fanaticism is you’re just supporting mostly, or conviction.