Hammerdin's holy bolt got nerfed

my holy bolt went from like 2.4k i think? to like… 247dmg

wave 2 is gonna be impossible on p8- if not ridiculously slooowww

can anyone confirm this?

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it is super slow. i throw grief in my cube and smite with it on wave 2 is my lazy fix around this. works quick enough with strong merc.

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I noticed my damage is significantly lower wave 2 than it was in Dec. 2021. Are there notes anywhere related to this or is this placebo because ladder mobs have 25% more hp?

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Because they nerfed holy bolt in 2.4

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cant afford a life tap wand from the vendor?

Black also works pretty good. The CE charges.

git gud

Had not played my Hammerdin since the 2.4 patch went live. Tried a Baal run and when I got to wave 2 I could no longer do anything to the mummies as holy bolt is magic damage. Had to get my merc to kill them all and it was very slow going.

If playing offline singleplayer then drop to players 1 for 2nd wave and/or use an A5 Frenzy merc with Lawbringer equipped to melt the undead wave if playing on bnet.

Holy bolt now synergizes with Fist of the Heavens, doing well over 2k damage with mediocre gear. I find FoH with an A5 frenzy merc far more enjoyable than hammers, even if it doesn’t kill quite as fast.

sounds like a ghetto build im not interested in.

in fact… why dont i just respec inbetween waves.

git guuud