Hammerdins dominate terror zones - Time to nerf them

Every other class has to deal with immunities, making various cycles of terror zones inefficient to farm. Hammerdin, while already broken, doesn’t have to worry about this. This means the hammerdin will get the most out of this new dynamic and farm more and better items in the game, even more so than it already can.

With this new system, it’s time to nerf hammers – make them fire damage or something. It’s getting ridiculous now.


how about no cause by that logic my zoomancer needs the same nerf or all melee builds. what would be better then a nerf would be making sure there is always a terror zone active combination which any build can do. note before you ask I do not have a Hammerdin I just think that nerfing something is not the best solution specially since Javazon and lightning sorcs will still be the best in the end.

Or we could make the zones better, more magic immunes… Nerf is not always the answer.


Well however they’d like to approach it, other classes need to be brought closer to hammerdin; now more than ever.

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Now that I agree with. Bring the other classes up to Hammer level, and not Hammer down to mediocre.


One thing is Hammerdin being OP with AoE skill over 10k damage, max block.

Second thing is other Magic users like Necro is not problematic - AoE Bone teeth or Bone spear doesnt kill as fast.
And Berserk barb pose no problem since its single target and is melee with Hit chance.

So having a “solution” of making monsters more magic resistant is not a solution, since problem isnt magic users in general. Problem is ONE magic user.

There is only option to nerf him, before patch after patch he spirals out of control, which he did spiral out of control.

For example a FoH-din is a strong build, but I dont have a problem with it like with Hammerdin. It cant damage Animals, have like half the damage of Hammerdin. So with Terror zone addition he does not spiral out of control when Terror zone will be in area with many Animals.


Poisonmancer dominates terror zones too BTW, in fact, they have even less real problems with those, because only 3.5% of the poison imunnes areas cant be broken. And 20% of the areas have magic immunes.

  1. Poisonmancer is more squishy than 75% block Hamboi.
  2. Havent seen poisonmancer be as effective as Hamboi. Have you seen many poisonmancers flooding early Ladder games?
  3. I am not sure about this one, but doesn’t Hammer ignore Magic resistance of Undeads? Outside Yetis in Act 3 temples who are truly immune to Magic.

Actually, I’m beginning to think this new system doesn’t favor Hammerdins. As there are 20 areas with Magic Immunes that can be Terrorized. Tal Rasha’s Tombs leap to mind as being one of the highest concentrations.

That means Hammerdins actually can’t always benefit from the Terror zones.

I looked at a video that tried crunching the numbers on what areas had which immunities and I’m suspecting that a Berserk/Whirlwind Barb might end up being the best build. Poison Necros might also be pretty competitive.

Not to say Hammerdins aren’t still going to be very powerful. They might even still be number one, but I don’t think it’s as clear cut that they are the primary beneficiary from this change.

It also probably benefits Fire Builds in giving them more places to farm.


posionmancer have an army to take its damge wich makes him stronger than 75% block, as he is not the one taking damage.

It doesnt ignore magic resistance since 1.11 i think.

A good chunk of poison immunes can’t be broken by Lower Resistance.

Hammerdins have virtually no immunities to contend with.

Melee also has very little issue once a Reaper’s Toll is obtained…

Make terror zones be immune to magic randomly that way hammer’s can farm everything

Hammerboi is most efficient still.
If a poll is made for community on who do you think is the strongest build. For sure Hamboi will be on top.

seriously stop the hate on the hammerdin build

D2 is not even a hands skill based game…its more of a meet the stats req and win

no point to implement a torturous way and make things slow to die
PSO2 tryed that and ppl berrated the compagny for making a single pack take like 5 mins to kill with absurdly high hp pool

like what does that accomplish to make things die slower but still be a joke to deal with ?

Buff melee or nerf caster builds. Hammerdin has be nerfed twice.

Hammerdins don’t ignore Magic Immunity. That’s why Wave 2 on Baal is a pain for them since HOLY BOLT ignores Magic Immunity if the target is Undead(and Demon now that it affects it. Anyone want to test that in Uber Tristram with the MI Balrogs?). Ever since they removed the 50% Magic Damage buff on Holy Bolt from Blessed Hammer, Hammerdins have to resort to FoH, another skill or Mercenary to clear the wave.

If you really wanted to nerf Hammerdins, remove Concentration aura buff, replace with Sanctuary aura and cut the benefit to 25% of listed value(effectively halving their Damage output). Can also apply this buff to Holy Bolt/Fist of Heavens. Sanctuary aura now also works with Ranged Physical attacks(this is in conjunction with Lawbringer being added to Bows/XBows).

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So this thread and others like it made me wonder about the stats behind the dominance of classes in the game. So I looked at the first 100 characters to 99 this ladder. so assuming all classes are perfectly balanced and played equally we should expect there to be about 14.3 characters of each class in the top 100. for those who are curious the breakdown is actually (note all following stats are as of 12:43am est August 28th and for expansion softcore)

36 paladins
31 sorceresses
17 amazons
5 assassins
4 barbians
4 druids
3 necromancers
now you might see this as proof the paladin is over powered but if we look at this i think it shows if anything the paladin and the sorceress are the outliers for power level. and they about equally so.
also if anyone is curious the rank of the first player to 99 for each class is
Amazon at 1st
paladin at 2nd place
Sorceress at 6th
Assassin at 12th
Barbarian at 21st
druid at 22nd
necromancer at 44th

More stats for nerds
currently there are
72 level 99 amazons
18 level 99 assassins
22 level 99 barbarians
17 level 99 necromancers
107 level 99 paladins
103 level 99 sorceresses
13 level 99 druids

So as i said above the paladin is really no more of a dominant class then the sorceress.

How does it affect you, mate?
It’s the same with the “nerf teleport”, “nerf grief” and “nerf enigma” crowd. Diablo 2 is a game that’s 99% a cooperative or single player ARPG (I do understand PvP players concerns regarding stun and FHR, though), so “nerfs for balance” are not needed. Somebody using a hammerdin or a BlizzSorc doesn’t affect your farming experience AT ALL, so why asking to ruin the fun for other people? If you don’t like overpowered items or builds, JUST DON’T USE THEM.

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Ok Blizzard should just buff my build I use to +1000%. This will not effect you. Ah wait, yes it does since it will make it super easy for me to farm stuff, that will affect the global D2 economy and the class choice of players.

If you favorite build is a Double Throw Barb and the next patch makes it as OP as a Hammerdin, I will literally not care at all and be happy for you :man_shrugging: