Give the user the choice to turn on/off the diminishing effect about FHR

Dear Blizzard Developers and Users

  1. Give the user the choice to turn on/off the diminishing effect

The FHR diminishing effect must be relative. There must be a difference between a player who has configured the FHR of the maximum frame that can be configured with a charm or item option and a user who has not prepared any FHR.

Blizzard granted indulgence between users.

Diminishing effects make the game loose.

At least, this should only exist on hardcore difficulty where there is only one life. In hardcore, there are not many opportunities, so it may be necessary for pk, pvp, pve, etc., but in softcore, the diminishing effect on FHR is an element that should disappear.

Therefore, the diminishing effect should be able to be turned on or turned off by the user himself in the game options.

  1. In other words, if you select non-pk mode when creating a game, pk between users cannot be activated (same as the current terror zone selection), and a diminishing effect on FHR always occurs. Conversely, if pk mode is selected, pk and pvp between users are possible, and the diminishing effect on FHR is directly determined by the game room creator, and game participants must be able to check it and confirm whether or not to participate in the room.

  2. There has always been a fight between a non-pvp player and a player who likes pvp. Since it is an indispensable factor for game balancing, how about Blizzard giving players that choice so that game creators and participants can decide for themselves?

  3. Although the FHR mechanism hoped for D2R like D2L, it is regrettable to come to the conclusion that it is impossible to implement the same for current developers who have no skills in reality. As a second best solution, I hope you give the user at least that option when creating the game. please

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yes we should totally change another core thing about d2 and make non pvp rooms… and bring back assassin mindblast stun lock…



Outstanding suggestion.

We just did a 12 team 4v4 tournament tonight and it went on for 5.5 hours. No tournament before 2.4 with diminishing returns went longer than 2 hours, not being able to coordinate with a team is such a bad experience.

We are all praying for immunity to be removed, it is only for PVP and nobody who PVPs likes it.

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HC: FHR diminishing effect is required in unwanted pk situations,

SC: Since it is not a single life, a penalty called FHR is given

Even hunting grounds and boss monsters can be stolen from others through plunder, competition, and pk.