Genders for 2.5?

It’s 2022. It was called Remaster. Patch 2.4 has already killed the purist argument.

Give us gender selection please.

Please no canon arguments, like there are no female paladins in Diablo 2. (I don’t know the Diablo story, do you?) Warcraft doesn’t have female nightelf druids or male warriors as well, yet you can roll both.
Having a gender choice wouldn’t be any more canon breaking (if it is) than having 8 identical sorceress twins in one game.

Please, let the game evolve to something great.


Yea I’d like to pick a female Amazon


I find myself, going back to legacy graphics once in a while when playing Ama, just to preserve the dream.




id like an amazon with 3 enormous boobs


You haven’t realy thought this through. But as a troll post it’s realy nice.


men of the amazon tribes dont fight, they are like rich house wives. there are no male sorceress’s(this is due to the particular clan the sorc comes from being exlusively all female spell casters). there are female paladins, Farah in act 2 is one of them. females in the barbarian tribes generally dont go into combat, but in D3 things changed. assassins are all females. druid is unknown, theyre secretive. necro have a small number of women in their ranks.

I know you want to be able to choose gender and all, but there’s a story to this all. Perhaps in the future they will add some males/females who have similar playstyle? like bringing DH male into d2?

I say read the books, they’re pretty cool!


Huge effort, you need character models, lore implementation, dialogues, animations, voice actors, etc etc.
Definitely not worth it. They better work on anti-bot system and multiplayer features.


Of all the things that won’t happen, this won’t happen the most.


I’m not opposed to it; I’d love the choice.
But it would be way too much work for an incremental patch.
Adding gender-choice would be an Expansion kinda thing.


What’s this obsession with people over Genders…

They don’t have dev time to waste on this useless feature

I’d prefer super unique to get their own models than to have them work on alt gender lol

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But you can already pretend to be another gender… or do you think that how someone looks denotes their gender identity?? BIGOT! /s


give us d1’s vizjerei appearance! i always loved his appearance.

But in 2022, and especially in California, you could join the sorceresses’ club if only you identify as female?

They all should have Gucci on as well. we live in 2022. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

trans is not conept in Sanctuary as it is on earth

EDIT: Asheara takes potions of manliness…hmmm

I want and demand race cars in D2. Remove teleport. Add a Ferrari.

Before i reply, just wanna make it clear: i am neither sexist, nor racist !

Now gender selection for all modern new games, i totally vote for that.
But not for D2. For me, it desroys the original feeling of the game if all of a sudden we see female barbs or male sorcs running around in Diablo 2.
Btw if gender selection is allowed, then also race selection has to be allowed as a consequence. And actually also age selection, since that could be seen discriminating aswell by some people …
But it would be a different game then. And I want the original character feeling of Diablo 2.

The first reply made my day tho :joy:


You do realize all patch 2.4 did was tweak behaviors, not add entirely new assets to the game, right? What you’re asking for is expansion level content.

Gender is a spectrum so you need a gender slider. Also, not all gender associated traits are heteronormative so you need a slider to adjust individual physical features. Some popular game developers are way ahead of the west in terms of completeness of gender expression. Blizzard could learn a thing or two from the developers of games like Black Desert Online and Honey Select.