Game version not correct - Battlenet no longer properly loads multiple copies of the game from different drives

The files are clearly correct as they are direct copies of a fresh install(I stupidly did this because i thought just one of my game installs not working perfectly was worth listening to useless automated blizzard help)

Been ongoing for several weeks now due to what must have been a particular update.
Help from customer support has gone nowhere, because their solution half works and looks like a crap solution invented by some forum poster instead of a real fix on bnets end and clearly a bot wasting my time telling me to do the exact same things that don’t actually work.

Basically, you used to be able to load multiple copies of D2R from any drive. Could be C, D, ETC and C and D, and have both loaded at the same time. Now you can’t. Now you get “game has wrong version” and you will not be able to load it. You will not be to load more than 1 copy from a different drive than where your OS is located(in this case C) even if i put the default install in D. I’ve already done absolutely everything they asked of me, and this is as far as it goes(delete all copies, install for 1-2 minutes then close bnet off, copy relevant files to other folders, then let bnet download the game)

There just isn’t enough time and space on people’s hard drives/bandwith to keep downloading and playing around with something that used to work without any issues whatsoever.

by stating that “bnet” prevents you from running a second game copy, do you mean the battlenet app, or do you mean the ingame lobby system which is often called battlenet?

if it’s the battlenet app why use it in the first place. create desktop shortcuts to launch each client by a simple double click with all the login ceredentials already in place, so no need to retype them. the only thing you’d need to do before launching each client is to open microsoft’s process explorer and kill a subprocess that is responsible for D2R check if game is running. After shutting that down, you can just double click the shortcut.

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