Game Crashes on 2nd Baal Wave

  • This is a current and unsolved issue
  • Over 50% of my current Baal runs are crashing on 2nd wave of Baal
  • No error message pops up when game crashes
  • This issue is not isolated to me (other people are having this issue as well)
  • What is the target date to resolve this? This is obnoxiously ruining Baal runs.

Thoughts? Opinions?


Same just happened to me.
Cant do baal runs…

what character are you using?

What skill are you using?

Read a couple of times that Fortitude was a problem with the Chilling Armor. Are you wearing this?

I also have this trouble. My merc wears Fortitude. Second wave crashes game constantly.

Sometimes I got crashes on the third wave, but they are more rare.

If you can kill monsters distantly and keep merc far from the spawning area, there is a chance to finish the run without a crash.

I tried it on NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super and RTX 3090. Both get crashes. Seems that the bug appeared somewhere near updated DLSS library.

More information here on parameters of crash - this crash is able to be duplicated everytime currently. Please fix this @Blizzard. I would like to add I have a strong system - so this is not a bottleneck issue on my end.
3060TI GPU
I7 11700k CPU

I can see part of the screen go glitchy (usually by skeletons), this is when the game is at risk of crashing (or does).

Parameters To PERIODICALLY Bypass The Crash/Bug

Stand off screen from baal
zero attacking prewave
calmly walk up and blizzard once
start normal attack

Parameters To Duplicate Bug/Crash
Merc has eth sacred armor fortitude
I am a blizz sorc (using frozen armor)
spamming blizzard prewave
Teleport into wave when wave spawns
use static field 3-5 times
use blizzard again

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I am also experiencing the crash recently. I have eth fortitude in my merc as well. I am using lightning or chain lightning to kill the waves.

I am now crashing on wave 3 instead of wave 2. I dont see any official replies here… where else is this supposed to get attention and fixed. its been an entire week and im still crashing on baal runs consistently

From the Writing a good bug report thread:

We read every single thread that is posted on this forum. However, we will not always respond to every thread. If you do not get a blue response, please DO NOT bump posts. We will ignore and possibly delete any post that simply says “Bump” or demands a response from a Blizzard poster.

This IS the correct forum to report game bugs. Or the PTR Bug Report Forum for current PTR game bugs.

I believe it doesn’t matter which wave it is. The only thing that matters is the when you get unlucky and your merc activates chilling armor when shot by ranged attacks (skeletons of wave 2 or hydras). The same glitchy graphics is happening in other areas as well, but not so often as in the throne room.

@Perusoe ,

I appreciate the response and the information! We all look forward to the fix!

Thanks again & have a good day :slight_smile:

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Fixed for me with NVIDIA driver update. Now using 511.23.

UPD: Didn’t get crashes for several times, but soon after writing the comment, got it again :frowning:

Hey guys I have found an old thread Graphic Crash with Shivering Armor due to VFX Lighting - #2 by BattleMaster-12613 . I think it can be helpful, I will personally try lowering VFX lighting effects today and see if it works

I’m playing in UHD. Tried to set VFX to low and DLSS to Auto. See that I got less VRAM usage for about 300 MB.

Made several runs in this mode - seems stable. The game still looks impressive.

Keep playing and watching if it’s going to crash some time later.

Well I set VFX to high (from ultra) and made 3 Baal runs, didn’t crash. I guess it helps for now, but I don’t know If my sample is too small

it is still happening, merc fortitude and blizz sorc. 2nd and 3rd wave. it is still not fixed?

VFX lowering fixed the issue for me

This is still an issue. Act 5 Frenzy Merc and Frenzy Barb trigger the crash at the beginning of the 2nd wave. The only way to avoid it is to back away and let the whole group spawn before attacking. This is a slog, as it does give the group an opportunity to move which makes the wave more tedious. I’ll try turning the VFX down for the time being…but I have a 3060Ti, I don’t think that the intention was for newer hardware to throttle the VFX because the performance is buggy.

This really only started happening with 2.4 for me.

just reporting that im also having this issue. ive just turned down VFX from ultra to very high and vfx lighting from ultra to high. hoping this works for now but would love to see this patched so i can have the best graphics experience.