Game blackscreens/crashes when using town portal

The game has frozen twice at a blackscreen after attempting to take a town portal, directly after the ‘loading’ transition screen that would take me back to town in Act 1. Running a Radeon RX 5500 XT - 8GB and playing in fullscreen mode.


Same problem here. I’m gonna try and play again, but this has happened several times already. Please explain why taking a town portal can crash the game. Did anyone even quality check this game?


Same problem here! Every time when I take a town portal the game crashes!!! Im playing offline, and crashes every time!

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i have also this problem


Every attempt to use Town Portal has crashed the game. Extremely frustrating. This also happens with using the waypoint to return to Rogue Encampment.

UPDATE: This continues to be an issue. I lost a ton of gold and equipment as a result of dying and then the game immediately crashing when returning to retrieve it.

PLEASE get this issue fixed.


the same here, when i use a portal to go back to collect items it crashes

I have the same problem . Everytime i get a loading screening my game freeze and my RAM usage goes from 2000mb to 12000mb . And alot times
the game just closes w/o any error massage

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I was having the same problem. Looked in event viewer and directly preceding the crash there was a warning for resource exhaustion.

Warning: Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: D2R.exe (4728) consumed 7454339072 bytes

Fix for me: I went in and checked the page file size for each of my drives and realized none of them were set (I’m not sure if i disabled them or if that’s the default now) i set it to let the system manage the page file size for each of my drives.
Open the windows system Settings app
Click on About
Select Advanced System Settings
Click Advanced Tab
Click on Settings under the Performance Section
Click on Change… under the Virtual Memory Section
Click your drive (for example C:) and then click the radio button next to System managed size
Click on Set
Then Click OK, OK, OK
Now start the game.
As soon as i did that the game stopped crashing for me.

When I try to use a waypoint to go to a different Act it happens a lot. It throw me off the server and back to battlenet. I exit Battlenet Portal to where it says “Playing” or “Play” and wait a little bit & it changes from “Playing to Play” and then I go back into BNet Portal & am able to join the same game.

Something about using Waypoints & Portals is triggering this disconnect from the Server.


This is great info, I have and SSD 1TB and 16gb of really good ram. I didn’t have a paging file setup (This was my install default).

I’ve never had any issue with any other program/game needing to have pagefile setup, but will try this.

Thanks for the tip! - Maybe not having a pagefile setup is causing a lot of these issues of disconnect when it tries to load a new map/area?

I’m going to play now after doing what you suggested & see if that works.

same, the person’s fix above did not work for me either. Would be great if someone at blizz could take their time to address this issue

Exactly the same is happening with me. Offline characters only. Also crashes when taking the portal to Act IV from Mephisto

This is precisely accurate. It only crashes me to Desktop when I use either a portal or a waypoint. It’s making the game pretty unplayable.

Greetings, I have found a solution in my case… I created a blog post about it (jefosk dot blogspot dot com)(cant paste links) so it does not get lost in forums. If you are not interested in the whole story of how to troubleshoot this. TL;DR is lower the power draw of your GPU. For AMD users use the feature: “Undervolt GPU” in AMD radeon software > Peformance tab > Tuning sub-tab. NVIDIA users can undervolt their GPU by using MSI afterburner (just do a seach on youtube I cant paste links). This will solve your crashes. Pls like if it did help, so it gets bumped up. Thanks

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Having the same issue here, taking the town portal crashes the game. I play a Necro summoner and it’s very frustrating, I lose all my summons every time I log back in not to mention my progress on the map.

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It crashes on every waypoint on every character with both controller and kb/m for me. Worked fine for the first week then boom. I thought I fixed it by increasing page size (3000mb) on SSD where game is installed. It worked yesterday, but crashes again today every time a waypoint is clicked on. Game breaking bug!

Same problem here, I’m tired of restarting my pc after each crash

It is now 24 March 2023 and the issue is still there. I have just experienced it.
Any suggested fix or workarounds by the Blizzard team?

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Sadly I have the same issue and it has decided me on not buying the game. It will be the first Diablo game I won’t buy but I am not going to pay $70 without knowing for sure that I will be able to town portal as needed.

Hi. Try right click on the D2R shortcut - properties - compatibility - tick “disable fullscreen optimizations”. I had random crashes while using portals but this option helped me. (ryzen 5, 8gb ram, rtx 3050ti laptop)