[Game area] Why not make all uber areas lvl 99? It's just an area setting change

I don’t think the current area lvl settings for the uber portal areas are correct. They should be higher. Make our effort to farm/trade keys count. They should be at least lvl 90. I would say lvl 95, or 99.
Simple change, no balance involved, no more items needed, no effort needed for creating endgame content; just change area levels. Easy for you dev team, and we will farm more in these areas, not only “go-in-farm-boss-and-quit” pattern. More things to do, and even 1 set of keys is useful, to some extend, now.


im against locking the meta xp farm behind keys
keys already have a purpose

wanna a new xp meta? lets create a new one aka new content


That would make leveling to 99 infinitely less time consuming. Which is a pretty big change really, considering what an achievement 99 currently is.

Yes, but how many of us are competing to farm till 99 to have a place in the ladder? And the current status have been slow without any party help.
Also it would be more random for single man to farm there; because key drops are random. Maybe MrLlamaSC could gather a gang to farm keys and completely farming in Key areas to gain that lvl 99. But for like 90% of us, the impact may be smaller.

Anyway adding some farming area would be fun right?

Well adding a new meta may be time consuming while most of us are waiting for long for some new areas. I think this is from the point of view of devs, the most inexpensive way to add some end game content, so they could bring some ppl back, and we can have at least some new fun for now.

sry but i rather wait for fresh and good content than having a “refurbished” one right way