Future Ladder Resets - Are you stuck leveling?

If you have a 98 on ladder, and ladder resets. Is this character done with TZ and can no longer make 99 without 4000 baal runs?

Standard of Heroes Cubed creates random TZ portal. Nobody will want to farm Keys/Torches on NL so this will be a chore but not DOA on reset. Incentives to play ladder still heavy here.

At this time, pretty much although Nihl and Diablo are better for 98-99…

Something like that would be a great add for NL benifit. Always wanted to see SOH become a cubable ubers, cow level type end game area.

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Yeah agreed Nihl D and top 2 baal are best but it requires a discord group etc. Even then you are looking at about 130 hours of gameplay for 98 → 99. As opposed to the guesstimated 15 hours on ladder TZ. It would honestly be easier to remake a 1-99 on ladder than it would be to 98-99 on NL.

This is like every char is DOA when rolling over if the current ladder only rules apply. When ladder resets, the cost of a torch is about 50x vs NL so getting these standard of heroes will be a legit challenge.

Just the concept of a 98 being stuck at 98 on ladder reset is rough as people who casually play may not see 99 in a single ladder season.