Freezes just after clicking to connecting to Battlenet

Freezes for me after the load screen where you click to login to blizzard. Uninstalled Battlenet, Reinstalled D2, checked firewall is allowing all traffic. Not sure why I can’t make that handshake to the server. It just freezes and windows asks me if I want to wait or end process. GPU 2070 I7 10700 ish. 64gigs of Ram windows 11 pro. Never had an issue in the past.

So by going into the game folder and executing as admin I can get to single player area with no toons. When I click the tab to connect to Online games it says it can’t go online, I disabled antivirus and firewall with no change, released IP and renewed no change. Not sure when Diablo 2 refuses to connect to blizzard. I have played every season and have never had this issue same computer etc.

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