Free +3 Eschuta's, random other things for trade

Eschuta’s is something like 10 light, 16 fire, but still rolled the 3 sorc skills

Other things(some mentioned in other threads):
242/18 ravenfrost
2x71 light sunders
1 70 fire sunder
Highlord’s wrath
120 ed Arachnid’s mesh

random small charms:
1-45 lightning dmg
5 fhr, 2max dmg, 20ar

probably adding more stuff but looking mostly for rune offers or pammy offers. Free eschuta’s to who ever hit’s me up on here as im about to take off for a bit.


Lo for the arachnids belt?

What are you asking for the highlords and one of the light sunders?

Lo sounds good shaggy,
and actually, lo sounds about right for the light sunder or highlord’s

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off to work now, ill add later

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