Foh Zealer uber questions

I’m playing hardcore singleplayer if it matters. I’m trying to make something like a FOH zealer that can comfortably do occassional ubers (doesn’t need to be fast or most efficient). SO I have a few questions. I was originally going for a FOH smiter but smite suuuuucks for regular monsters. 'll make a grief phaseblade thanks to a random Lo I found!!

  1. Is a build like this Uber viable with about 10 +skills? Only 1 in smite and 1 holy shield.
    20 sacrifice (synergy)
    20 zeal backup attack for nondemon/undead
    20 Fanaticism (30) (main aura, swapped to salvation when need be)
    1 salvation
    1 smite (11)
    1 holy shield (11)
    20 holy bolt (main single target)
    20 FOH (main AOE. Don’t care about the lightning part of it)

  2. How much IAS do I need for zeal and separately smite? I! I’ve read a lot of different things on IAS and I am absolutely confused lol… Fanaticism will be on most pf the time but occasionally swapped to salvation when needed.

Thanks for any advice!