FOH with CTA mainhand = insane smite/dream hybrid?

Hey guys!

I thought about using Cta scepter as a Foh-DIN main weapon to make a hybrid that deals the same dmg as a pure fohdin on mainhand and a pure smiter/tesladin on it’s offhand, not loosing any dmg from being a hybrid.

A cta base scepter with +3 to foh will give you +4to foh when making cta in it. More than any other weapon like hoto heavens light etc.

Since foh has a casting delay, there is no difference in dmg when it comes to 75 vs 125fcr.

So if you use a Spirit + arach + gg paly 2/20/2os circlet (socket with Cham Ber) with the above mentioned cta, you already get the 75 fcr breakpoint, while only loosing +1 to combat skills from dropping zaka for spirit while being flexible on ALL other equipment-slots.

This will leave you with only 1 less + skills on foh compared to hoto/zaka, while maintaining max bo skills on mainhand (since we use spirit) and 75fcr.

This way you would bo and foh with your mainhand, while being completely free to use whatever offhand you like.

Thought about a Foh/smite hybrid. With max efficiency bo and foh on mainhand, you can run a Full smite Setup on the offhand. Grief + zaka. Or when you are rich Last wish + exile etc
You don’t even need Magefist then , so you can run Draculs or crafted gloves, too.

With the few skillpoints foh (aoe portion, don’t care about lightning dmg) and smite need this Paladin with a full smite weapon switch could be a hybrid that can do both parts just as good as a pure fohdin/pure smiter.

My build would look like this
Max holy bolt + foh for max foh aoe ,1 point redemption
Max smite, holy shield and fanaticsm for max smite dmg

Then use last wish and exile on switch + gores for boots and 20 ias 10cb gloves (no Magefist needed).

This would leave you with an nearly max + skills Foh + Bo on mainhand at 75fcr
And a 100% crushing blow + lifetap proc on offhand for the smite setup.
All essential skills maxed= as much Foh dmg as a pure Fohdin on mainhand

  • 100CB max dmg smite setup on offhand, making it super close to a pure fohdin/smiter, loosing close to nothing on both parts despite being a hybrid.

Heck, if you switch paly circlet for dream Helm and put on an 2/20fcr amulet, you could even put a dream shield + grief or crescent moon on switch and play a fully functional tesladin (would only loose + 1 to foh from circlet for the dream helm) while keeping foh + bo on mainhand.

With the few 40 skillpoints needed for a full aoe dmg Foh, you would have enough leftovers to max all the holy shock synergies + get conviction high enough to cap.
Giving you basicly a full tesladin on switch which nearly does the same dmg as a pure dream paly. Maybe harder than the smite thing , since you have to keep some Ar.

Am I missing something ? Seems to me that for a hybrid setup , +4 foh cta on mainhand seems to open up some insane hybrid options for a foh Paladin !

The only real downside I can see is the slower teleport without 125fcr

Whats your thoughts on that ?? Has anyone tried some hard hybrid builds like this? Lmk !