FOH PALA vs Hammerdin

So in my opinion FOH is better than hammers from P1-P3. It is devastatingly good at mowing down huge groups and decent at killing bosses. I have all the gear needed for both builds, high end gear.

After P3? Not so much, it can still kill sure. You will have to stick to Undead and demon areas like Flayer jungle and chaos.

P5 and beyond FOH doesn’t even touch the hammerdins Power.

Positioning is the only reason I think FOH wins out in P1-p3 by the way. 1 foh casts mows down half of chaos.

All in all nothing in the game comes close to palas clearing capability, not even a infinity zon. You just can’t beat teleport speed + 12k + Hammers.

I tried
FOH Tri-build - smite, hammer, foh
Pure FOH

I really like hammerdin with Smite although i don’t think its worth changing gear around just to kill baal when the drop rate is bad even on p5 anyways.

FOH is a blast to play but if you’re looking for clearing speed the Hammerdin is still the way to go in my opinion…

What do you guys think based off your experiences this season

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