First time Ubers with HP buff

Just finished Ubers for the first time online. Was constantly afraid that I might get disconnected half way through.

Got full advantage of today’s Double Hit Points buff! It helped a lot.
The funny part was that when I was facing Mephisto, I forgot to proc Fade from Treachery. And was wondering why I was taking so much damage.

Can you rate my gear:

Kira’s Guarding (Cannot be frozen + resistance)
Caster amuler with resistances + 1skill to Paladin
Kingslayer runeword (Open wounds 50% + CB)
Herald of Zakarum (upgraded to Elite version)
Smoke in Great Hauberk (+ Treachery)
Goblin Toe
String of Ears
Rings with resistances

The build was Hammerdin with one point smite, one point fanaticism.

I haven’t identified the Torch yet. What do you think I should do with it ?

Congrats, your gear looks good. The only thing that I would have done different for the ubers is to use Grief as your weapon, and use G-Face as your helm and switch to smite when facing Ubers. The rest looks good. As far as your torch, identify it and use it for another class or sell it if it is a low roll.

Thanks for the reply.

Grief is too expensive and I’d rather give it to a melee character.
Kingslayer gives 50% open wounds, so I don’t have to use a Blood crafted belt.
(Although with Grief I might not need open wounds)

I am using Kira’s for the cannot be frozen. Couldn’t find a 2os in order to make Rhyme and I am using the ring slots for resistance rings.

The torch was a 19/17 Necro.
I have a second one that I haven’t identified yet and might trade it for 4x3 keys

PS: What do I need to give, in order to get a low Sorc Torch?