Farming hell as a new FOHdin

Hello everyone,

I have a pretty simple question. Right now I can farm hell arcane sanctuary and anything demon / undead in act 2 pretty easily. I tried trav but it takes too long to kill the guys to make it effective and same thing with chaos sanctuary. My issue isn’t survivability but dmg and I was wondering if its just missing some skiller gc’s.

I run 2x spirit, Lore, Nokozan amulet, 2 nagles, stealth, a resistance & recovery belt, resistance and walk boots, and trang gloves.
Reistance 74% fire 75% lightning 15 cold 36 poison and 107 FCR ( i think the cap is 75 or 80 so I know i need to replace some poopy gear). I’ve seen a few videos of people who have almost equal gear but they’re blasting through the place with a 7 man group (solo ofc). Does adding 1 extra skill from a piece of gear really improve the dmg output THAT much?

hello. FOHdin is the king of destroying hell chaos. you should be farming this quite easily. i am playing hardcore self found gear only. I have a similar setup to what you describe. I am farming Hell Chaos players1 almost with my eyes closed. Are you using a merc? A2 holy freeze merc, insight in elite polearm. doesn’t need to be eth. give him gear so his resists are 75 all and a helm with life leech. he will almost never die. you hang back behind him and spam FOH. use holy bolt to finish off single targets. FOHdin is a sweet and fun, chill build. Destroys chaos with this simple cheap gear.

Yes It does make that much of a difference
Heart of the Oak Runeword, Even a Hand of the Blessed light Septer is amazing and cheap to trade
Even a Skin of the Vipermagi chest is good