Failed to join game.. it says character is in the server?

PLEASE…If my 86character is gone back to stone age… is there anything to get back in the game???

A LOT of people have this issue. I have had this for 8 hours now. I dont think they are working on a fix unfortunately. :frowning:

I just found the Main Thread for this problem, maybe you both add your problem report there.

seem i can never get into this game wtf everytime i try saids can’t connect to server how much longer is this crap going on??? and they dont seem to care or don’t seem to be doing anything bout this? guess they got our money so it’s like there blow us off or just saying Fu all my god sick of this crap, how do i get a refund? and they want at least 2 dx files to even put in a ticket that’s almost as bad as this game

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Help Failed to Join over and over. Either Off or Online game play/ months now toons not resetting I guess from dying in game.