"Failed to enter game, this character is already in a game on the server"

trash, same thing keeps happening to me

Battle Tag:Blaze#11551
Character: Bobby - Barbarian
Region: Americas
Platform: PC

Battletag: KitchenPwns#1362
Character: Frostitute
Server: North America
Platform: Windows 10
Time of Lockout: 11:00pm PDT

I tried to identify at Cain and got a “processing transaction” message. The message wouldn’t go away so after a few minutes I killed the D2R application through task manager. Now I get he message “Failed to enter game. This character is already in a game on the server. Please try again” on that character.
If I try to create another character I get stuck on a black screen and will have to kill the application through task manager.

I was able to create a character in hardcore which I thought was a little strange.

Bnet id: ydenber#1992
Character: Mederian
Region: Americas
Time of Lockout: 11 PM PDT

Please unlock

TeaLover (Infact all characters)
US Region
Windows 10

Been locked out since live maintainence… 14hours almost… you have got to be kidding me. Only offline work and that’s it.

Was recently locked out
timezone: PST 12:00 Am (around)

I’m happy to hear that it worked for you!

Character: Bussy
Region: US
PC Windows 10

Game froze when Cain was IDing items and now I’ve been unable to play for 5 hours cool.

I just want to play the game blizzard, plz fix this for me asap.

Battletag: Vaelias#1945
Character: Vaelias (and all others)
Server: NA
Platform: PC
Time of Lockout: Sunday, September 26. 4PM EST
All characters locked

Battletag: Xavier#14193
Character: Frosty
Region: Americas
Platform: PC
Time of Lockout: Monday, around 2 AM EST
All characters locked

Is been 2 days now.

How is this still an issue

Battletag: Tastecourage#1881
Character: Durin
Region: Americas
Platform: PC
Time of Lockout: Sunday around 10:30AM PST

Plz Blizz =[

Battletag: Pmaster#1590
Character: TryatomicDin
Region: Americas
Platform: PC
Time of Lockout: Sunday 11:30PM CST (still locked out)

US Servers

We are at almost 10 hours now

Char :OppsWrongHole
US Servers

It has been a day and I am unable to play the game WTF? FIX THIS And fix your contact us its rediculous to get ahold of anyone from support.

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Both are not working :slight_smile:

Character: all characters
Battletag: Valkin#2456
Server: EU
Time zone: GMT +1
Time locked: ~ Sunday 20:00
Platform: PC

Battletag: kakatu#1330
Character: McHammer
Region: Americas
Platform: PC
Time of Error: 13:40 EST