Failed infinity rune word and other issues in ptr

Not sure if this was a joke or unintentional but the fire zon mercenary has a infinity that is failed (Ber Mal Ber Ith). Many of the character charms are missing or are completely useless. The zealer character has a inventory filled with only all res small charms. some other characters have gear or items that just don’t make any sense and seem extremely rushed or not thought out. WW barb and fury druid don’t have any polearm options unless you take them off a mercenary and are still limited. No etbotd Polearm or other damage stick to really test anything out. having grief and last wish as your only options are very limiting especially when they are only one weapon type. I understand you don’t want to have perfect everything on every character but making it this miss matched is just bad. One of the barbarian characters has a random rare jewel in his inventory, why? Having to spend a large amount of time going from character to character to find gear that should be on the character to begin with isn’t fun. An idea would be to put more items in the stash for options in the build to save some time. Also why 1 Bo cta? Overall it is fun using items with no risk like on live servers. Testing items and builds a lot of casual players would not be able to make is great. I am mostly pointing out things I would fix for quality of life during the ptr or to optimize testing.

I would hate to be the guy combing thru these posts trying to find useful feedback LOL seems more than half of the posters does not know what the current PTR is about