Fail to join game Offline

After my game crashed my Offline character disappeared and I am unable to create a new character or launch an old one. When I try to create it in the same name it says it already exist. The character file is still in my saved games folder however, the character is no longer visible on the menu. I read on other forums here that there was an issue with the shared stash file. I made a copy of that file and deleted it from the folder. The game will launch a new character or any of my mules now. However, obviously there’s nothing in my stash and this still doesn’t solve the issue of losing my character.

Please tell me there’s a solution for this. Can Blizzard check my game files for corruption and fix this?!

After playing this for 20 years this is the first time I’ve played through offline and this hurts.

There’s nothing that can be done for your corrupted character if you didn’t back up the save files unfortunately.

Someone I know said they were thinking about making a program that could salvage a corrupted save but they’re quite busy with other stuff, said program probably wouldn’t release for a while if they do decide to create it.

Sucks that corrupted saves is still an issue but it’s very unlikely that Blizz will fix it, I’d suggest backing up your files to a safe location frequently, even if it’s just within a “backup” folders within the save folder that’s good.