Expand Crescent Moon & Beast Runewords

I’m glad the development team is taking feedback seriously and the changes outlined in the recent patch notes are fantastic. With that said, I would like to suggest to expand two additional runewords, namely Crescent Moon and Beast.

I would like to see more Claw and Dagger options. As Crescent Moon is a 3 socket runeword, it’s a perfect candidate to be made in Claws, and opens up more build diversity for Assassins. And don’t forget about the new Dagger Barb. In terms of Beast, this 5 socket runeword would be a cool option if it could be made in Swords. This gives more build choices with Fanaticism Aura. Plus, would be cool to see Act 5 merc transforming into Werebear with Beast (if that’s even possible). Thoughts?


  • Crescent Moon can now be used on Claws and Daggers
  • Beast can now be used on Swords

I would like to see this. Crescent Moon in claws would be a good mid game option for claw assassins (even those that don’t use any lightning damage, Crescent Moon has decent physical damage and attack speed), especially ones that use lightning damage like Claws of Thunder or Phoenix Strike.

Also since -enemy resistance% doesn’t benefit traps, it wouldn’t make trapsins overpowered either. Assassins are rather lacking on claw runewords (especially mid game options) even with the addition of Pattern and Plague, I think Crescent Moon would be a good addition to the roster.

Beast in swords would be interesting, you could make it in a phase blade for more attack speed in bear form, barbarians could make use of it in PvP for Grief + Beast combo with swords, and of course Act 5 mercs would be able to use it. They wouldn’t be able to use the Werebear unfortunately because mercs can’t use active oskills, and it would be a ton of work to change their AI to allow that. Overall I would like this change to allow Beast in swords.

Good suggestions IMO. :+1:


Crescent moon in claws would be really epic.


Two very good points in favor. It buffs the weaker build without adding to the stronger, and provides more variety without being top tier.

Likewise, I don’t see anything overpowered about allowing Beast in swords.

Support :+1:

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Agreed for Crescent Moon for Claws, but I would add it to Spears as well, as a much cheaper version of “Infinity” for Lighting Spearazons


All 3 runed runewords should be available in claws, daggers and orbs. Ok not class specific ones, but all others are fair game imo.


Completely agree about allowing Crescent Moon to be made in Daggers. Thanks for feedback.

I disagree. Weapon restrictions were meant to bring variety to the game and force players to use multiple kind of weapons. Not just phaseblades…

The lightning trapsin is already an S tier build. It would get even stronger. Not required.

Beast in swords… what’s the point to use axes then? The frenzy act5 merc is already super strong. Dont buff it further and destroy what little is left of balance…

What are you talking about? The -enemylightres doesn’t work for traps so the only thing being of any benefit for a Trapsin from Crescent Moon is the IAS.

Crescent Moon: Strong yes!
Beast: Medium yes.


Great suggestion about claws, not sure about Beast.
We definitely need more claws runewords, there are endless possibilities for other weapons, yet for claws very few.
And no, Crescent Moon will not affect traps, but of course a paladin who has at least 3 S tier builds at his disposal is gonna whine.

You could then have;

Act 2 merc with doom. Might + Holy Freeze

You: Grief and Beast - Fanaticism

You then have level 20+ Might, level 9 fanaticism but you get the full damage - as a Barbarian. You are naturally OVER the IAS breakpoint, so it is of no concern, and have full mastery along the way.

This might sound broken, but it wouldnt be. Barbs would still be poo. i say, when it comes to melee like barbs and druids, throw the rulebook out. It would take PTR 1200.1 to get to a satisfactory place without taking a few risks.

The auradin showed us that you can test something, and then reel it back. Make that the case with a5 barbs and frenzy barbs.

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You are right about the - lightning res for traps, until they change it in patch 2.6…
At this point, people will complain more and more and they might change it, making trapsin even stronger…
It leaves the door open to bigger changes.

Otherwise, you are right. It might be a nice weapon for a melee assassin. It would be incredible with claw of thunder, or just with a kicksin which uses dual claws to get claw block.

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That sounds like a pretty awesome combo.

Here for the Crescent Moon claw, make it happen!

Agreed, having Cresant Moon claws would be a great mid game option for assassins.

Ah, okay, I see what you mean. I’m fully against -lightres working for traps. It’s really not needed for them and I say that with my main character being Trapsin

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That’s very unbiased feedback, well done. It’s difficult to remain unbiased when discussing balance.

On topic, would be fun to make Crescent Moon daggers for a Dagger Barb… want to try this build with the changes.

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This would be great.

Sorry but no to Beast in Swords. Act 5 Frenzy Merc does not need to be able to do this.


I would be content with having Crescent Moon in claws and daggers.

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Please Blizzard seriously consider expanding Crescent Moon Runeword to claws and daggers opens up many possibilities.