Events.. wonderful events

I repeat my thread in a vanilla version, so that pez and its fine skin do not take offense.

so the wonderful events of the ladder are going to be to put 3 youtubers on a live streaming??
Of course… surely all the fans will be watching it instead of playing our own games.

What a shame, we all thought of something normal, like an increase in exp/drop in the first few hours, some specific modified/new area or something like that…

but no. they prefer to give us smoke


Ya great event … “We know you are all excited to try and be the first to 99, but think again, we have numerous streamers lined up to make sure you aren’t top of the ladder boards” rofl.


We will have other events in the future that may adjust things like XP gain or what not but we rather not do that to the start of a ladder season as its fairly competitive at first and some people can’t play at that exact ladder start times.


That’s fair. Themed season events like in D3 could be cool also, down the road. Just nothing too crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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you better not ruin this game with exp or drop boosts SMH


:fire: My crystal ball is on fire… :fire:

Now it will probably start melting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man this could be awesome.
How about an event with no identity on items and all uniques look like their base image. You just put them on and they do what they do. But you can’t read what they do. You have to figure it out based on testing.

Or a HC ladder event that launches without soft core launching.

Or a ladder event where the only build is werewolf barb. C’mon it would be great!

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specific play only 1 class events could be cool. would be even across the board for competitive purposes.

like night of the necromancer and everyone plays as necro for a 48 or however many hour event for some prize. then rotate classes at different days


Argument is “just play offline”. That said, if I had a choice I wouldn’t do any ‘boost’ unless permanent and that’s kind of a dangerous precedent depending on idea.

Yes the possibilities are endless.
Forced 1 yard light radius everywhere and solo self found.


Do something along the lines of planned, Wc3 tournaments, only with these D2 events… Something unlockable, at a given time, for doing a given activity…


Bruh u r starting ladder at 8pm on a Thursday for 2/3 your players. You really care about it being competitive? The only ‘event’ is streamers regular players aren’t even included for that so why does it matter?

:rofl: Run a google search about D2R MF boosts that are only available through certain companies in South Korea… (internet cafes?)

Some people are already more equal than others in the realm of drop boosts.

Bots will rule ladder they always do

Happy to hear other events but this YouTube thing does not involve the whole player base community.
I don’t watch YouTube.

TC does have a crucial point. I highly suggest asking the community what it wants first when going into events then go rouge because at least you will have some kind of idea where it might need to go. I understand its hard too as the community wants sevral different tings but for the time being go with what makes the most sense.

If you devs are still sticking to let’s all play together thing then give us events surrounding that.

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I really appreciate your attention, it seems that at least they start to let you communicate with us.

But, why waste the hype at the start of the ladder?

How do these cafes do it? I bring my laptop, pay to sit in cafe x time x dollars, they have 8 player bots follow my character around?

u are very make sense, why whould i watch streamers? lol id rather play my own game


¯_(ツ)_/ they help the community a LOT

They advertise

They make build guides for new players and educate them

They bring communities together and help make changes happen

They’re pretty great for the game. Definitely don’t take away from the game if anything. Doesn’t matter if we watch them or not.

We will without a doubt get events that include the entire population though. This is the beginning. Give it some time.

We haven’t seen blizzard work so hard on a remaster ever quite frankly. This is way better than anything they’ve done in terms of a remaster. I don’t think there’s any arguing to that


what happened to literacy? don’t you get paid to write?

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