Easy Uniques buff idea - Melee edition

Instead of having flat bonuses let those have i.e.:

  • Enhanced Damage per level scaling
  • Attack Rating per level scaling
  • IAS per level

Make it so common uniques have max of around 300% ed at level 99 and elite uniques max of 400% ED ranging of 0.5-1.5 per level for common and 0.5-2.0 per level for elites.
Or even a flat %ed + per level ones.
Uniques will become more useful in a wide spectrum, not having to throw it in an hour of gameplay cause a common exceptional item will deal more dmg than a unique Patriarch I’ve luckily found. If I will even find it before it goes into useless state.

That way i.e. :

  • Eth Death Cleaver will reach 530dmg with 400%ed which is on par with BotD just with different mods - like DS which will make it pretty strong and very good item to hold on to.

  • Non eth Earth Shifter will have 180dmg more (900dmg)

  • Grandfather will jump to 822dmg (from 650dmg) 2-handed as non eth item.

  • Eth Swordguard (ZOD) might become decent budget item having 774dmg (350ed), very low stat req (eth + built in -50%) with defensive capabilities.

Some items will suffer form this change though like Bone Snap unless there’s flat+per level gain or AR per level added to balance it out. Still for late game its a a good change and similar can be done with armors or spell casters items.