Easter egg in the PTR


this is the name of an amazon that seems to be following an ice build

because we are getting new runewords it is safe to assume we will either see new usage for the rune via recipes or new runewords :wink:

what are your thoughts :stuck_out_tongue: ?

It just seems to be a joke from blizzard to all the laughs coming from everyone at their failed Infinity attempt on a merc. The bowazon had BerMalBerIth on a merc weapon.


See the updated notes on the PTR sticky thread. FutyMax is right. It is a joke.

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Haha nice, I wasn’t aware, no secret ITH chamber I guess

OK, funny, I probably got the PTR rollout where there are neither the “Bowazon” nor the “MartialArts” as ready-made characters.
In fact, from the beginning
(and as the Blue post also describes “Diablo II: Resurrected | 1.12 - PC PTR Patch Notes - #5 by PezRadar”)
I got the characters “tokens” and “IthIsTheNewIst” instead…

Nevertheless, there is still a ready-made character that carries the broken runic word on the mercenary… and this is the pre-made character “Firezon”…

The developers have to do it again! :smiley:

I’d be crying if I made an infinity wrong. I saw that and didn’t realize it was a joke. Cute