Duriel's droppings

I have been farming all the act bosses in hell about equally and so far Duriel has been particularly desolate drop wise, curiously I think I might be going crazy cause when I killed Duriel just now I could have swore I saw a unique item pop out of Duriel but before it hit the ground it disappeared. I was playing solo btw, no-one else in the game.

So I don’t know, either I imagined it or all my good Duriel loot is falling through the floor.


I never farm Duriel, his drops always sucked bad.

I’m having similar bad luck with Diablo and Baal. 99% of all the cool gear I’ve found came from Mephi and Andy

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for me Andy has definitely been putting out, although one time I did see her drop literally nothing, not even a scroll, not sure if that is a bug or not but it has only happened once so far.

So far diablo has also been kinda annoying, yet to give me any keys and only a single essence despite countless runs.

Some of the best items I have found however have just been from random mobs.

He dropped 6 town portal scrolls as his quest drops for me on NM when I was going through with my ww barb
Duriel is an a-hole.


every item duriel drops has a 50% chance to be tp scroll – just not worth it

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And yet, I got a perfect tarnhelm, a skill grand charm and a dwarf star from him in a single run… so RNG is gonna RNG I guess.

Meph and Andy are the most time-efficient bosses you can farm. CS and Diablo are also pretty good, but not as fast.

Duriel’s a troll. Sometimes if I’m feeling lucky I’ll go kill him after everyone else as part of a “completionist” boss farming run. But he’s just generally irritating to get to and his loot table seems crap compared other bosses, so… why? Lol. He doesn’t even have the best chance in the game of dropping his own bloody shell.

yah I have been doing duriel just because I need to farm summoner for keys and its like farming summoner is 50% of farming duriel so why not. One time I entered the tomb and the exit to duriel was literally one teleport away the entrance, I could see the light beams from the entrance haha.

That’s why people don’t do Duriel. Not only is it tricky to find him, his drops are crap thanks to the town portals.

Some people even got 5 town scrolls as a first quest kill, I’m not kidding.

My usual routine when starting Hell farming is Andy first until I get some gear that she can drop. Why not Meph?
Andy can be easily bugged, so her drops are like quest kill (No crap items like arrow/bolt), so for items that Andy can drop, she has a bit higher chance to drop them than Meph. Plus, teleporting around Cata is much safer for early budget sorc than Durance and Andy dies faster than Meph + some unique packs that you can kill, none of them immune to cold. She can drop nice stuff like Shako, HoZ, Skullders, Nagel, Highlord, Occy, Gheed, Magefist, Vipermagi, and Etc.

Once I feel like I got 60-70% of all items that Andy can drop that I need, I move on to Meph. He can drop stuff that Andy can’t drop like arach, and Andy visage (Very low), Mara, and etc.

Once I get most of the stuff I need from Meph, then it’s A85 area farming all the way.

I’ve got an arachnid belt from Duriel hell

I got 5 town scrolls from Duriel hell, hope some fix this…

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RNG is RNG, but Duriel still has worse chance of dropping anything useful than other act bosses, and on average, even regular unique/champions drop better stuff than him.

10/10 thread title friend

Well after I kill Duriel there is always plenty of TP around…

pro tip: never farm duriel lol