Druid summons got revamped-not Spirits

Needs more Spirit of Barbs awareness

Druid Spirits (aside from Oak Sage) need love too

Thorns got changed back to percent +flat dmg.

But Spirit of Barbs is still only flat damage (Barbs is the same thing like Thorns but weaker just like it was in old diablo 2 , always weaker than Thorns yet a supposedly “uber” lvl 30 skill which requires 2 prerequisites to unlock compared to Thorns). The skill even got this “cool mean looking skull icon” yet is quite ineffectual .

Suggestion: Make Spirit of Barbs also reflect magic spell damage back at the attacker perhaps? So its at least somewhat different than Thorns instead of quite literally a weaker Thorns 2.0

I think spirit of barbs needs to be a different kind of aura, maybe more like conviction but for poison? It can keep the lesser return damage. I also think all spirits need to be physical immune.