[Druid] Bear form broken IAS

Bear has been nerfed.Weapons cannot reach 4F speed, they are slow
120 ias Phase Blade ,Weapons cannot reach 4F speed, they are slow,Hope the authorities correct it!! :joy:

Weapons cannot reach 4F speed, they are slow 120 ias Phase Blade ,Weapons cannot reach 4F speed, they are slow,Hope the authorities correct it!! :joy:

What are the odds that they’d add splash damage on normal attacks from bear? I feel like that’s the only way that the slow attack speed could be functional. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck taking forever swatting at things. Who cares if you one shot easier. It’s all about that clear speed and combat feel.

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Yeah I doubt they would but it would be awesome lol. It would give the two forms a totally different feel and still be aligned with there “fantasy” aspect while keeping them both viable for farming. A fast speedy wolf and a slow powerful bear with sweeping attacks that can hit up to 2 additional targets if they are adjacent to your initial target. Bear would still be a little slower on bosses but at least his attacks would be uninterruptable.


Exactly my thoughts. Different, yet still viable. So we’ve decided; Blizzard make it so

Well it has huge swings so i don’t see why it couldn’t hit 3 enemies at one time if they stand side by side.

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I think it would be fair and a fun feeling playstyle while not being quite as broken as splash aoe damage. Like you said it makes sense for a big bear to throw giant sweeping attacks and if you’re in the way you’re getting smacked lol.


Indeed. You are so right

The 150 IAS cap is actually SI (speed increase) cap instead of IAS.
SI = (120*IAS)/(120+IAS)+ skill IAS -wsm, where skill IAS are those from WW or Maul, and wsm is the weapon type base speed (phase blade -30, cryptic axe 10).
When you use 120 IAS phase blade, you actually have SI = 60+30 =90. It might be faster than 75 (first PTR), but not much. The proper way to test it is use maul instead of fire claw, as they have the same equation for speed, but maul has the 3% per stack skill IAS.


The heart of the problem is that the basic attack speed is still too slow even at +150 EIAS. Top speeds range from 6-9 FPA depending on weapon type (hint: try staves or bows – Faith Bear!). Werewolf is only working well because of the buff to Fury; its normal attacks are sloooow too.

It’s true that werebear is extra screwed because it has trouble getting anywhere near +150 EIAS in the first place. But fixing that alone wouldn’t fix the problem.

[Edit: So I said “Faith Bear!” as kind of a joke, but it might actually be the best fireclaws build post-nerf. It looks like you can hit 6FPA with a good rolled Faith Great Bow, Highlord’s, 20 IAS gloves, and a level 30+ Maul fully charged. You could use a Shadow/Ward Bow if you added Nos’s Coil, or a Crusader/Hydra Bow if you’re willing to use Treachery. I don’t see anything else going that fast.]


Indeed. Bear is too slow except the skill they buff (Maul).

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You are correct, bears got nerfed hard.
Ive tested bear aswell with 6sock shaelPB+treachery+highlords+nosferatu belt+20% ias gloves.
Wich is basically 120%ias on weapon + 95% from OIAS and +55% from maul wich is 150% from gear+maul. (Think maul skill was close to 30?) and yeah i still only got like 7-8 frames.
I even used a Faithmerc for the fanaticsm aura… Still 7-8 frames…
Like… It does not matter if they made the attacks uninterruptable and added some ED to bear/maul.
The fact that you now have to wear treachery instead of fortitude means that the ED they added is almost obsolete (Since fortitude grants +300% ED).

So yeah in the long run they just got nerfed IAS wise…


The bear nerf is ridiculous considering it was already behind to begin with. I normally make a bear sorc every season but since they’ve nerfed the bear & bearsorc so hard I’ve lost all desire to play ladder. Just sucks because they said they were only going to buff and had no intentions of nerfing existing builds when they put the old calculation back in place. But now they basically doubled down that the bear should be nerfed because they want their calculation for some reason and they are just going to launch 2.4 and not care at all that werebear has been nerfed.

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I’d like to see the old frames be available again just like after they fixed the attack speed the first time. If someone wants to play their “fantasy” of a slower hitting WB - go ahead. Why should it come at the cost of the old build and the fantasy of fast swinging WB that many of us have thanks to playing it for so many years.
People claim it’s not a nerf because of more physical damage - but you REALLY have to keep that fully charged maul up to actually hit these new slower frames.

The WB changes I’d like to see:

  • Open up to use old calculatios as well - use whichever is faster. Or fix new calculations so we can hit higher frames with higher ias. Set that 4-frame goal of 6-shaeled PB.
  • Increase duration of Maul charges with each level of Maul
  • Hunger. This skill needs autohit or rework. If rework Hunger. Make it charge/pounce the enemy/target. What animator wouldn’t want to make WB and WW run on all fours or jump toward an enemy. Hunger can be the movability skill we desire. Either by that or adding a movement speed buff (like frenzy).
  • Only drop Maul charges if shift to WW so we can do a fast re-shift w/o losing charge
  • Keep shape between acts (a theme about not losing charges)

The more I playtest werebear druid the more I feel like it isn’t as bad as what people painted it to be. Yes it isn’t as fast as before, but it is not uninterrupted, have tons of meat shield, even with only one point…and yes it is starting speed is slow, but combining with shockwave you can still bring up your charge with maul easily.

Let’s be honest here…6f is an acceptable speed. And it’s simply just boring when “every melee attack” are the same speed beak at 4f. Bear druid is totally viable and playable char in 2.4 with minor adjustment.

Do it has room to improve? Absolutely. I think his attack should increase more, and I think it should gives a “DR & MDR% reduction” instead of defense which will mimic the “fearless powerful warrior” in a much better way, and people would be accepting the lost of 2f in speed that way.

Bear sorc, on the other hand is a completely different story.

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I have one improvement, and it would solve, balance out the slower AS. Give WB the AR bonus from WW skill. Just take it away from WW and give it to WB that’s it. Now it’s slow but steady. I don’t think it’s fair that WW has everything a melee character needs, and gets AR from attak skills too. WB has to use Maul to have IAS, and attack skills to have more AR. So move the AR bonus to WB from WW skill, and it will justify the slower AS.

AR is related to agility, which fit WW way more than WB, on the other hand .

WB gives attack, def and we get HP from Luck, so even if we are to opted in with AR gear it kind of make sense…I also not seeing much issue with WB in term of AR issue myself…but that’s a subject to each of their own and how people like to gear.

Well if people won’t accept that they need to invest heavily into Maul, they will gear towards IAS by instinct, which is meaningless now, loseing AR. People have to learn that Maul is now madatory to every WB Druid build, so they can gear towards AR. Though now that I think of it, you don’t have to invest into Vit that much whit WB. So you can put more points into Dex increasing your AR. Damn we need to learn that we can build characters differently. Thanks for leading me to this conclusion.:grin:

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That was very good self-irony

I’m realy good at that :laughing:

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