Don"t try out the new runeword changes yet


Interesting! I wonder what they will do to compensate you. Keep us updated.

Thanks for the heads up!

Wow! first blue post i’ve seen here :kissing_heart:

That’s 2 bers and ist😭

wow wtf sucks !!
hope it gets sorted for you North :crossed_fingers:

Fix coming later this evening.


Just got a in game announcement that a deployment will occur at 6pm PDT, to fix this

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Server will do a batch roll.?

Not sure if it’s a roll back or not, but for this kind of thing I don’t think a roll back is needed. Probably just a flag in the code is false right now lol

EnableAmazonSpears = true ;

deploy and done

hopefully the fix will fix the currently already socketed weapons

Welp we did the same North…I just sold the most ‘expensive mancatcher’ i saved for to charsi…what hurts more is they decide to fix this later…faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark


If they plan to do a re-roll, then it is fine.
But I guess maybe this is not the case because of coding effort.

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I hope they don’t roll back mate, I am ok with losing my runes but Im worried about other folks who lose their stuff to the roll back. I’m just convincing my self i ‘beta’ tested it. Glad North was in the same QA team as I am lol. But faaark I was soo excited and did not see this coming. Lesson learned…

also thanks north for checking the other runewords for us. I scared to slot in more runes.

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Not sure what is happening. I cannot create a game or join on certain charecters. Screen just goes black and game crashes.

Work fine on others charecters tho.

My best guess is they will not roll back. You just keep the runed weapon, then you HEL it, lost runes, then rebuild.

Moral of the story: test out changes in Single Player first :slight_smile:

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It might be possible that the fix creates your infinity. Like itll turn from a gemmed mat spear to infinity mat spear if the game code aligns. Idk just hoping for all my peeps who got screwed outta 2 bers

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Looks like blizzard trying to fix this. Hopefully they can save your bricked spear! All the best North :+1:

In game message says games made after 6:40pm PST (9 minutes ago) have the fix. Can anyone confirm if previous gemmed items turn into their proper runeword when making a new game with fix?

And yes, rec you test in single player before making it on bnet, good call Onadroig

yes, my Gemmed Matriarchal Spear is now an Infinity.


Now if you exit game, is it still there? Some people saying their gemmed turn into infinity spears vanish after quitting game