Don't expect any changes on console

I read this post:

Posted 1 day ago, support was not aware that items dissapears from stash for people.

This tells me that no one is watching these forums, and they may not be aware of hardly any bugs or features missing from the console version.



I hope you’re wrong. People lost progress, items and most of all their time. I hope blizz will release patch or at least fix for most common issues asap… Playing now is pointless and when you’re losing your items third time also really annoying.


No. Blizzard is doing the Ostrich trick. Stick head in sand, deny problem, and hope it goes away. The longer you leave it before asking for a refund, the less chance that you will get one. My honest advice is to just pack it in and grab a refund. You can always monitor things and if Blizzard fixes them, re-purchase the game. Letting Blizzard keep your money whilst you have a broken game only helps Blizzard.


refund on xbox was denied…


on what basis? The game is faulty. Do a charge back on your credit card with your credit card provider.

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Be careful doing this as it could adversely affect your “Platform Profile”.

The Tech Support guys are helping people with Tech Support queries.

This is a much more efficient way to get tech support for your game than complaining in an internet forum.

And the way they supported “Diablo III” with free content and upgrades and continue to support it throughout it’s lifespan tells me that they will do the same for this title as well, even if it’s not happening fast enough for some people.


I guess I’ve been lucky. Made it to Nightmare and haven’t had any issues.


Well, from the OP’s post, it doesn’t look like they’re helping. There’s been tonnes of posts on the forums and on social media since original release date and if Blizzard reps are saying they’re not away of the issues, they’re either incompetent, or lying (or both, I guess).

Yes, filing a charge back on your credit card will result in Sony banning your PSN. Or, trying to.


I’m not here to say that the console versions don’t need work, but I just want to point out the following, albeit in a partly speculative manner:

Blizzard is slow to make changes to the PC version of any of their games as it is. Console updates will likely be even slower due to 2 factors, one definitive and one speculative:

  1. Blizzard might patch the PC version first then and port the changes to console. I don’t know their workflow; they might have separate teams working on each version concurrently. This one is speculative, but it’s how other titles with console ports seem to work.

  2. Once Blizzard makes changes to update player clients, they have to submit the change/patches to each Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft for evaluation and get the go-ahead for deployment on each console. Nintendo is also known to be the slowest to authorize deployment on the switch, and has the strictest Q and A.

Once all three give the thumbs up, they may elect to deploy the console updates concurrently. Meaning that PS and Xbox update might get held up due to Nintendo fussing over stuff. Videogame publishers sometimes elect to do this in order to not alienate a segment of their player base. Most do, but some don’t and just release each patch when available.

Overall, expect bimonthly gaps, or longer, between console updates.

Will be happy to be proven wrong, and subsequently ridiculed and mocked, but that’s how console titles generally work when ported from a PC game.

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Man I’m stuck on act 5 Rite of Passage with a game breaker game crashes when the ancients come to life. Hope it gets fixed.

yeah on my online sorc, it took me 5 times to get past it… Id get the famous “you have been disconnected” and that was on my ps5, i tried playing on my ps4 pro and wow what a huge difference in speed… the ps4 pro probably has no hope of finishing that fight, probably would be disconnected before it finishes loading! lol

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This is happening to me as well I lost a lot of runes, some high, and some unique gear. I would like to see some acknowledgment that the issue is being looked into at least

I wouldn’t say this is proof of anything. Just because tech support didn’t know of any issues, doesn’t mean devs and qa’s aren’t aware.

if the PS4 pro has issues, then PS4 users such as myself are screwed. Even more reason to stay away from the game I guess. If the PS4 can’t run the game, then Blizzard shouldn’t be releasing it for the platform. Unless of course, it’s a money grab and they don’t care.

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As a console player myself I understand the frustration, but they are working on it. Hopefully the patch will pass QA this week, and resolve a lot of our frustrations.

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