(Done NL) PC large charm with 8FHR, 6max damage, 46AR

(NL) PC large charm with 8FHR, 6max damage, 46Attack rating

Just found this large charm. Im trying to figure to how much i can get for it or just use it on my own melee toon.
Im thinking a zon or melee player would love this charm.

What do yall think? Id love to hear your thoughts. Im grateful for any feedback.

Nice charm if it only can be tilt horizontally :rofl:. I guess probably worth vex-ohm imo. Not very sure. Maybe someone else will give u better offer.

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Ty for your feedback Sir Burito!!! Im glad to hear your thoughts because i had the same inklings as you.

May your d2r finances be blessed and may you have a harem of many wives!!!

Anyone else with other thoughts?

Thanks for your wishes :rofl:.
1 wife = headache
More than 1 = disaster

So in conclusion 1 is enough lol.

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WTB +6 Harem, Offer Dol Ist Ko…

Deathhusk, you must mean business with the +6 harem request since your offer included an IST and Ko. I will send you the harem blessings as well…:wink::crossed_fingers::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::yum::pray:

At some point, you will be like , Ohm Mal Gul, I see what he did.

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