DONE ~ [NL] Looking for Ums and Puls, have Ists

Want to buy Ums and Puls:

  • 1 ist = 2 Um + Pul or
  • 1 ist = Um + 3 Pul

Hi mate,

I take one Ist by giving 2 Um + Pul.

Adding you now!

Edit : thanks for trade! :+1:

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I can prolly do one or two of these fellow Aussie bro :v:t3:

Cool, I’ll just do 1 for now.

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I’ve got 2 Um and 6 Pul’s if you want to trade me two Ists.


Thx for the trade Bowa!!
I’ll dump hose crappy Demon Xbows bases, thx for the tips as always!

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