Does 2.4 nerf budget builds

Take Javazon for example, without infinity to break lightning immunity, or the frequent switch to offhand with LR charges, one build is to only max CS and LF, with LF improving CS damage. The remaining points are put into freezing arrow or other non lightning skills. The new change removed LF from CS synergy, effectively nerfing such build?

Similar for trapsin, I guess, as death sentry no longer improves LS damage any more

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It does seem they balanced those changes to extremely high end gear. Yes at high end gear those changes don’t really mean anything but at the ‘commoner’s’ equipment it does hurt things.

Please spend some time trying to find the high end gear before you make builds that need them Blizz…

That is a thing indeed. I kinda like the change, a deserved low-key nerf (the end game of the fury zon deserves a slower start, even though it is already slow). The “budgetness” of those builds isn’t compromised though. You just need some more levels to achieve the same power level. It also opens up the opportunity to use lightning strike, which was never desirable before. A perfect example how a nerf can increase build diversity.

Yes, agree that LF hits its peak power pretty early, and less powerful CS was really not a big issue as it already kills bosses fast enough. I spent way longer to clear council members than Meph

I don’t feel LS is a diversity though; really hope they buff poison skills to a level it becomes viable. Similar for wake of fire for trapsin, or make FB not that awkward to use (could you just throw it forward, like literally every other skills do, not upward?)

One thing I am not sure about the game design is that, the gears that totally change the gameplay are so rare: Infinity, Enigma, and dual Dream in a sense. Before I get there, I am constantly debating making something for what I have, but just make the gameplay 5% faster, or should hold onto everything and hope one day I’ll afford one of them. Never played those though TBH, but from what I heard/watched they seem so

I dont see how LS adds anything to the untwinked lightning/(poison or cold) hybrid javazon. Especially in the single target department. the “sure its OK if you already have Ebay gear” is not an argument, although it seems to me that they, the maphack users, mindless farming drones, and botters are the target audience in the new days.

And those people use diablo 2 to play a wholly different game than those of us who dont spend our evenings with farming do.

But it is. It was a completely unused skill by anyone that is now worth using.

I have tried it (playing SSF from the start and without respecs) and it’s a good AoE skill. It’s extra fun when you have a few monsters but they are spaced out enough for the Next Delay - so same LS can bounce on the same monster a few times. Or just as good when there are many mobs.

they already did. They’re perfect. Even better with increased duration. You throw a plague jav and then go in and stab with LS\CS (depending on the quantity, position and type of monsters)

Gotcha, yes. Was only focusing on LI monsters. Now realize you meant instead of CS+LF, use CS+LS; sacrifice some range/safety but gets more damage. That makes sense I guess

For LIs, yes, heard the buff on plaque jav but never tried. Now with casting delay reduced, does the damage stack? Or the bit rate stays the same and just the length increases? In prod build today it takes ages to clear LIs, especially those immune to physical as well, that my merc and valk would do next to zero damage…

I didn’t do the math, I think the DPS decreased slightly in the second coming of the PTR, but still much higher than 2.3.