Disappointment after the recent statement and the missing ladder

This guy clearly doesn’t agree that anything is wrong, and therefore accepts it. :roll_eyes:

Oh im sorry i forgot to learn about the fact that “growing up” means getting stepped on by companies that are supposed to provide for a service u paid for and not delivering :slight_smile:
“accepting of the way things are handled” and in what way do u think they are being handled… they had a beta that was just to create “hype” and not sufficiently test the functionality of the game and now they try to fix their mistakes with outages for multiple days in a row right on time.
Sorry but not everyone will accept a unplayable state of a game they paid actual money for

Pre-orders started in Feb when they announced the game, which was before the game was finished. I am not sure at which point you think they should have said something.

They announced the Ladder change well before before game release. A point at which anyone who wanted a refund could easily get one - seeing as the game was not released yet.

Nobody was locked into those pre-orders.


Jerry and Amanda didn’t work on the game. All joking aside, some communication was nice after the sh***y week we’ve been made to endure with nothing but radio silence on their end.

“missing” ladder is not relevant at launch. it’s the same exact thing as ladder just no leaderboard. I am all for bashing blizzard nonsense but this is the weakest complaint that exists.

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There is a huge, detailed post, about exactly what is going on pinned to the top of the forum.


It goes through the issues day by day along with efforts to fix, what worked and what did not, and what they plan to do.

TLDR - the global database infrastructure does not handle the global player surge - in large part because they kept older original code which was not meant for such a scale.


I never stated that, but whatever you wish to fabricate that suits yourself, thats wind in your own sail friend.

I was just saying in most cases, regardless of how something is there will always be a party on one end or the other that will find something to hate or complain about.

??? As soon as humanly possible for one. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but being transparent isn’t blizzard’s strong suit. Information like “no ladder till game is playable” might’ve been food information to have when they opened the pre-orders… I know what you’re gonna say … “They didn’t know yet” and I’ll I can say to that, is that isn’t ANY of OUR problems. They should deliver a fully working product. They won’t even give refunds anymore and it really in the grand scheme of things hasn’t been that long, given how much actual downtime there has been.

PezRadar wrote:

Then Tuesday, we hit another concurrent player high, with a few hundreds of thousands of players in one region alone.

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I don’t know if they worked on the game or not. Blizzard is shortstaffed (according to the forums or something) and they may have been cross-trained, so we have to see those schedules. And they all need to get over being selfish and daring to have personal/family time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just because you sit here all day and monitor the forum either jobless, or doing it at your job (meaning you clearly don’t work at work) doesn’t mean the rest of us do. That was posted TODAY, and I don’t have time to continuously hit F5 to see if there’s a sticky that they have FINALLY decided to post… Get real.

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I think they failed the launch and cheaped out on servers.
Also think they failed in the preperations and where to late with communications.

HOWEVER I am glad they finally took the time to communicate what is going on, what they are doing now and plan to do in the upcomming future.
I am glad they are working on the big issues of the moment and not focussing on the bugs now, yes they should as fast as they can, but first things first, get the game running, and after that smooth it out.

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OP sounds like one of those people who demand an apology whenever a celebrity acts like a normal person.

Ladder launch is the last priority right now, as it should be. The fact is that they launched D2R probably 6 months too early. They should’ve anticipated the popularity and the server load (by their own admission) and come prepared for it. Instead they didn’t, and maybe it’ll be too late by the time they fix things. Either way, the post was very informative and let us know that server stability fix takes priority over everything else right now.

I suggest people take a break while they try to fix things. Creating one million topics about why you cannot log in doesn’t do anyone any good. If you still cannot accept the reasons presented by Blizzard then aim for a refund and quit altogether. It’s the best way to let them know you’re disappointed after all.

Though watching Chris Wolcen communicate about his plans for upcoming PoE league makes me realise there’s a world of difference when it comes to communication between GGG and Blizzard. Surely Blizzard as a whole could learn a lot from them.

I am real. I don’t post that there is NO COMMUCATION, without checking. If I fail to check and someone points out that I was wrong, I thank them for pointing me in the right direction and apologize for my incorrect assumption.

In your case, you did not check something that was posted hours ago, and blame someone else for pointing that out. Not just blame, you make up insulting reasons someone else might have read a post that you did not.


P.S. If you had time to post here and time to reply to people, you had time to read the pinned posts.


I remember when I said that discretion was the better part of valor and it made sense that Rod stated that ladder would be announced after things stabilized. With the clarity of 20/20 hindsight, this was the correct decision irrespective of what others said at that time.

??? It’s been 5 days of nothing. Basically everyone… excluding YOU and maybe a handful of other’s would expect the exact same for a week. It’s crazy how hard you’re going to white knight, and then get on me about not THANKING YOU for your hard white knighting. Green text aside, I don’t care if you LOVE blizzard. Most of us feel slighted.

Actually I don’t have the time, I checked for replies to threads I was following. lmao?

You mean my many posts complaining about lack of communications, making my own threads to help and inform players instead? Those? How about you stop assuming things.

Their comms have sucked and I said so, over and over. Not just on this incident, it is a long term Blizzard pattern.

You were wrong. Just say you were wrong and that you should have bothered to check before posting.

This is on you. You did not check my history either before making accusations.

This thread that you are posting in NOW, was made hours AFTER the infrastructure update from Blizz. So no, you were not coming back to threads you were already following. Not only that, this thread is about the pinned thread you did not read. So you joined a thread about something you had not looked into.

Just stop making things up, say you missed it, and go read it.


yes that’s exactly what I read, and was referencing.

Not just capacity, it’s a database structure issue. That’s not how you want to structure a database for a player base this size. A single database for all players is a very bad idea. It should be fragmented and players bucketed into different databases. That way you are acting on MUCH smaller data sets with things like backups occurring at different times. That also stops EVERY single reconnect hitting the one server at the same time. A lighter weight distribution server should be doing that.