Didnt even look at skill changes after troll PTR

sorry but what did they deliver here as a PTR?

  • queue
  • unable to change skills / items
  • crap builds (even if they call it like hdin its no hdin)
  • random items
  • nothing to test “new” builds

it really feels like the release of D2R. Push out a half done … cause we dont give a … about the community

It’s for testing server capacity and ensuring stability for the future I guess. 2.4 PTR will be later.

DEVELOPER COMMENTS: To help us test these database changes, we encourage players to play and log in and out A LOT. Furthermore, it would be helpful if players could creator characters of different types (Hardcore, Classic, etc.). This will assist us in gauging the fix on our end. We’ll be providing players with level 99 characters for their first journey in the public test realm.


As stated here by our very own PezRadar

this should have been mentioned in the developer Q&A, i am sure it wasn’t but i could be wrong, never heard anything that eluded to two seperate ptr’s… communication issue…

they still dont know what they are doing after 20 some years. ]
-dont dunerstand player behavior
-cant google basic builds
-dont know their own runewords
-stress test with no stress, no one logs on cuz its damn boring and nothing works right, why would we log in/.???