Diablo walks the earth NA Ladder

Diablo walk the earth NA Ladder
Not sure if it is true, but a trader told me it is gonna walk now!

Has it walk yet? Maybe I missed it

not yet, the trader said, it has not walked yet. So im just chilling on a game. I suggest you do stay at the game. I am in constant contact with the trader.

Gotcha, I’m setting up a camp now, thanks!

it is just my 2nd time to encounter this if ever. Does he walk in all games in a certain server?

If some streamers or traders sell lots of SoJ yeah, it’s more often to happen on ladder too afaik. Depends on what servers they sell those SoJs i guess

my game is shaking!!! he is walking!!!

Yeah he is, mine also get invaded! Good luck!

Killed him with hammy :slight_smile: 2nd unid anni :slight_smile:

Me too, got him with my infinity zon :stuck_out_tongue:

can we only do it once? hehehe

In your own game/world yes, unless there are another walk events (traders sells those SoJ again)

Gotem here with my Nec 15 skellies 10 mages and 30 cows. lol

3 anni’s this weekend.