Diablo II: Resurrected PTR 2.6 | Has Ended

Want you to play d4, its tin foil hat crap I know but its all I got.

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Are there any buffs to skills or nerfs to cold sorcs?
Any changes to synergies to help melee or underperforming builds?
I only saw rune words.

PTR is just the runewords. They’ve said there are other updates that will roll out as part of the final/live 2.6, but we don’t know what those are.

i bet rest of patch are bug fix, main course are runeword

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I like how we can’t know what the changes are 2 weeks before the patch xD


I think they have an AI churning out potential new runewords, and they’re just selecting what they think is coolest.

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Doesn’t even need a big buff, a 15% buff brings something like a ebotd berserker axe within 93% of the damage potential of a griefpb.

IIRC a perfect Ebotdz isnt even close to perf Grief in terms of output.

Like its stupid the difference.

The reason Melee suck is because patch 1.10 never adjusted base weapon damage when they bufffed monster Hp. Its why a base line buff to weapons is needed.

Patch 1.10 crap patch always was. Its so overrated


I just explained that a 15% buff to base weapon damage (exclude pbs) and a perf ebotd zerker would be 7% weaker than a perfect grief pb. Try to read man.

Suck a buff would make two handers much better as well.

Coooley made some runewords just use his ? I mean I’ll make runewords if this is the standard

Yeah please introduce bugfixes because there’s an laundry list of bugs that could be squashed. Some Class balance/tweaks and general features/changes would be welcome as well. Thank you.


The new runewords are highly underwhelming. Why are you guys so afraid to shake up the meta?


Cooley’s RW’s are ridiculous and hot garbage


show me your ideas…if you have non be silent.

No new RWs at all.
Huge set item and unique re-balance. Drops during play are so worthless all together.


Ah yes, if you can’t create your own runewords then you must be silent and not speak at all. Silence wench!

Good take.


yeah, all this sounds sketchy
its like they are full of crap

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Fix the class sets. Fix unused uniques. Throw these runewords out.



Imagine there would be more options instead of LoH, Highlords, Spirit Shield, etc.
They all cost nothing, and there really isn’t that much of an alternative.

Why do 90% of all uniques/sets have to be sooooooo bad? At least buff the really rare ones. There is no reason why stormlash or Tyraels for instance have to be waaaaaaay weaker than pretty much all runeword counterparts.

Even with a buff it wouldn’t be close. ebotd needs something like 750ed to get close to a grief. Don’t get your knickers in a knot mate.