Diablo II: Resurrected PTR 2.6 | Has Ended

So a pointless ptr? Because we can edit in these runewords and they do nothing to alleviate the fact that hit rate ruins the melee experience.


I imagine this means they want us to focus on the builds these RW are intended for. So we can do testing of the RW and not muck about with other melee builds. That’s what I gather from the wording of this, but will have to wait until tomorrow morning for more info. Because yes it would be rather pointless to test these RW without the bug fixes required to even make them playable in the first place

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This shapeshifting thing and the martial arts charges are quite different for D2. I agree, they are probably trying to get everyone to test all the odd-ball things that could throw an error/bug/issue out there. Smart move, why is everyone so mad? You can’t take your PTR to live anyways… Hopefully this results in a smooth launch with no unintended items dropping from the sky! :smiley: (sunders)

Here’s a link to that comment for anyone that wants it.


Let us upgrade magic items too please!!!

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Is this referring to Sunder charms, or is there some other change we’re expecting to item drops in Terror Zones more generally?

Please let it be buffed uniques and new uniques relative to runewords… please please. Or more char slots. Even if we have to pay.


This new Hustle runeword seems nice for a mid game weapon.

This please. Easiest thing to implement too. Lesssgo Blizz!


I see that you guys wanted to cater to specific resistances but maybe take out the absorb aspect of each type as it is sorta cheesy.

I think in this context he means items as in “things”, like this definition:


plural noun: items

  1. an individual article or unit, especially one that is part of a list, collection, or set.

“the items on the agenda”

At least that’s how I interpreted it as, he’s also used “items” like this in the past which is rather confusing communication given that D2 revolves around items. :laughing:


Why did they post two identical threads on this topic? (the other pinned, and this one not pinned).

I’m guessing it’s a mistake.

Maybe they decided to split this ptr bc the other feature(s) require full attention from players/devs

Buff weapon bases atleast, its well overdue.


I am anxious for an answer to this as well. I sure hope so!

Are they scared to add anything good and fun ? Everything seem mehhh … I would still rather make lore until i get something else than all the new 35 lvl helmet, The shape shifting helm is good but clearly not enough to give life back to bear and wolf build. The only thing im excited about is The new Rune Words are only a portion of the content arriving with Patch 2.6, stay tuned for what else is to come when the Patch officially releases

  • speed bowzone seems fun but cant compete with multiplayer for looting grab and run
    like melee/sorc,
  • melee char, still a melee, i dont like chasing enemy specially enemy that have AI like fallen,
  • TLDR i still choose sorc
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When are you going to stop ignoring the classic mode shared stash post thats been going on since before the game even launched?

The people who made these runewords simply have never played d2 nor do they understand wtf is actually going on with the meta

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