Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.4 Balance PTR

Can the devs just ask the PD2 devs for help with buffing characters and making certain builds viable? No nerfs though.


You can get +skills on staffs.
So this will be better then HOTO + Spirit :wink:


well after reading the changes i don’t feel they understood the problem of those underused skills for example etc…

and when they talked about new runewords i expected more build oriented runewords for the underused skills and builds than those trash runewords that no one will use.

the merc changes are … well… i still will prefer act 2 merc with infinity to being able to use sorc in hell for example.

fire cold skills continue being useless until they give a way to break inmunes in hell, otherway lighting sorc with infinity will continue being the best (ignoring the 2-3 farm spots of blizzard sorc)

i don’t see any significant change to anything that this 2.4 patch will bring to us.
maybe the fire druid without all those delays can make spammable a few skills etc…

idk about assasin enough to have an opinion of her changes so i will not talk about her.


I completely agree. They didn’t do anything to really address the main problems in D2.


You can get +skills on staffs.
So this will be better then HOTO + Spirit :wink:


I seriously don’t think they play the game. They have completely swung and missed on fixing core problems in the game to make anything else viable. Continue playing a lightning damage character and hammerdin like the last decade guys!


yeah, i think you are right.
i would be very glad to help them to make balanced runewords etc… but i’m not streamer etc… so probably they will ignore me.

my 15 years of experience are not enough if i don’t have some streamer followers… it’s sad.


I seriously don’t get why they don’t contact the Project Diablo 2 devs or at least take a look at the mod and what they’ve done to balance things. These buffs to skills here and the dodge animation fixes are great, but they won’t really change what builds are played the most. Why do I want to go farm these random alvl 85 areas instead of farming Chaos Sanctuary like light sorcs and hdins can do? The density is too good and they don’t have to worry about immunities that can’t be broken.


I think we see more patches like this in the future too. Maybe even with bigger changes that do shake up the meta more. I think its better to start small like this because a lot of people honestly dont want the meta to radically change.
The game would be a lot of different if they got too carried away with huge changes


i agree, i’ve played this game for about 15 years myself. the last 5 have majority been on private servers though since i am bored of hammerdin and lite sorc…

no, they shouldn’t contact with PD2 devs, they just balanced things by nerfing everything, they destroyed the fun of the game with the excuse of balancing.


I mean I know a ton of people that do though, just take a look at the monster immunity topics. They need to address the fundamental problems. Why would I roll a fire druid or fire sorc over a lightning sorc or hdin for PvM? Why does one element get to steam roll the entire game?


In terms of making other skills viable I said, I said no nerfs in previous comment :stuck_out_tongue:

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Edit: Actually I’m wrong and dumb and don’t know how staves work.


You’d also lose the +5mana per kill. :o

Rouge Mercs: they change it to Explosion arrow for fire and Freezing arrow for Cold. Is this a typo? The Cold Rouge gets a massively larger buff than the Fire Rouge? Also is this in addition to their current Cold Arrow and Fire Arrow or is the skill replaced? Do they synergies?

you don’t need it with insight or with + a lot all skills and +1 in the mana regeneration skill + a lot of mana pooll

Can’t wait to roll fire druid and stare at nothing but fire immunes still in hell guys! :man_facepalming:


Don’t worry they greatly improved the physical damage on armageddon… but the way it currently works, it won’t really hit anything for you.


Iron Wolves: They didn’t address if they get synergies and masteries, just ‘damage scaling’…I hope its enough.

Fire wolf lost inferno and got enchant…dam that’s going to be interesting

Lit wolf got Static Field…Interesting choice. It’s a powerful skill but it takes the merc into melee range which is the problem Inferno had.

All in all the fire wolf might be the best now