Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season Two Has Concluded

They did a bit better on the charms I suppose. Still nothing on more character slots or anything quality of life wise. Pretty disappointing considering the wait.

I’m assuming the whole character completing Baal thing is per unlocking TZs each difficulty, ie normal TZs after Baal normal, etc. Nothing on drop rarity, which to be honest, now with variable rolls on top of variable rolls, won’t net the diversity that they are looking for if players are more apt to roll Hammerdin still to get around the immunity issue to farm them. Also not clarified whether only Hell TZs will drop them.

At least it does look like Non-Ladder will get them, just the Charms will be ladder only.

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What was the level requirement for them? 75? Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s Hell difficulty only.

Max nightmare TZ unique monster level = 74.

Phys is so unnecesary. Amp does more, and instead of reciveing more dmg, it should add increased dmg to phys skills. That charms is garbo.


It probably is, but they really should clarify things so we don’t have as many issues that happened during S1 with things not properly laid out in the patch notes. Also, level requirement doesn’t equate item level. Phase Blades don’t drop in normal Nightmare, despite the level requirement fitting within the monster levels of late Nightmare.

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yeah, not even to get into the other mechanical issues, these idiots are still trying to destroy a game. don’t mind the bugs and the mechanical issues… lets just uhh… lets just keep going with these sundered charms like they are the owner’s newphew’s idea or somethiing. “we gotta make this work guys, it was his idea”… i think being intruded from a backward manner would have more appeal right now than reading more content updates from blizzard on d2r.


I’m glad they made TZ’s unlocked by beating the difficulty… I still think it should have been further restricted to killing Baal SOLO for the first time regardless if the quest was done or not to put the brakes on quest leechers.

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whats this at the end about the " We were flipping through the old [Diablo II manual inscription. . .what does it all mean?


Yeah that one is confuseing.

what means jseuepkgfwzye lxfklgliriefave youiujqwue at the end? new content ? new expansion? ohh my god!!


theres a picture associated with it too. A bunch or random letters

That’d be too convoluted. Separate flags needed for solo vs multiplayer in a mode meant for multiplayer (though, the Charms are probably more a step towards solo…if you can get the right one without thousands of hours invested, or being forced into an elitist trade market).

Overall, still disappointed with the patch’s lack of qol, especially character slots which we really can’t even properly sort until Ladder even begins. At least, with TZs in non-ladder, I will spend the greater bulk of season there, and only roll a Summon Druid for Sunder farming. No reason to go all out on building new toons on Ladder with no room.

inside the book, i think is an stone of jordan.
maybe some new horadic cube formula?

Eh, I guess I’m a stickler when it comes to leechers. As far as base quest progression, I don’t really care that much… But unlocking more than just the next difficulty, yeah, stickler mode enabled.

i started a thread on here with the letters, im sure this is going to get cast in the shadow of people throwing fits about what they want and their opinions

How so?

An average of 20% increased damage taken is useful how? Reaper’s Toll already breaks 100% of immunities without taking additional damage. Hell, monsters actually do less damage thanks to decreps slow effects…

Because it’s hard to solo Baal on p1? Throne has always been more challenging than Baal, especially for melee :rofl:

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Yeah… Great, Baal is easier than throneroom, fair point, but you still have to get through the throneroom to get to Baal.

Yeah there’s always kiting them down the hallway where you came, especially Lister and his gang, but still… It would be a bit extra work for someone to unlock the ability to run TZ’s.

dear blizzard, i want the next update to go like this “we removed the sundered charms from the game ENTIRELY. We have been relocated to work on diablo 4 as we aren’t gonna make much more money on d2r. so, we’ve been reassigned, good luck, have fun.”
would be the greatest update news in the relatively new “diablo 2 ressurected” game we’ve ever gotten.


FYI: There aren’t sundered charms in the original game. It’s still there, waiting for your return. :smiley:

Or, play D2:R and don’t use the charms.

Your choice.

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you realize that d2:lod and b net still are up and running right?


Thank you Blizzard. Great update. The majority are happy please don’t mind few negative loud vocal minority and be discouraged to make more great changes in the future.

Thank you. :heart:

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