Defective save-/gamefiles?

Hey there.
Since I had a pc crash some time ago, I lost the ability to log in with the character I was playing on. With other chars I could log in then.
Some time went by and I tried to play with different chars, but now Im unable to log in with them aswell.
I tried to “scan and repair” the game, re-installed and tried to isolate and extract the corrupted/defective files, but none of that would make me able to log in with any of my chars.
Is there a possibility, that you can maybe check my data/save-files and maybe even fix them ?
I saved the files from back then, even with the “lost char”. This one was especially precious for me, since it carried the most of my hardly grinded gear.

I invested a lot of time and feel real miserable about it. :frowning:
It would mean so much for me, if you can help me with that issue.

Thank you for trying,
Hope you’re having a great day so far
mosy aka Erik

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