D3 S28 Patch is insane!

Don’t fret - I don’t see 1 sign of a Set Dungeon. Just a Challenge Rift Cache - which is cake.
Now the Staff of Herding is not a problem - except for: The Gibbering Gemstone. Its rarity is pretty ridiculous. Granted I’ve been lucky enough to get one in multiple Seasons - there’s those who simply cannot get them.
Now that it’s “required” I just know I’m screwed.

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There’s 1 item that only drop inside set dungeon, from elite mobs: never ending questions

afaik, the worst one is for sure staff of herding. You don’t need to complete set dungeon to drop never ending questions, just find elite mobs, kill and repeat until it drops.

99% people will use challenge rift cache 1s into the season. Season will start on a friday, then challenge rift changes on the next tuesday, so unless you’re aiming for the top 10 leaderboard, no point keeping the cache

1 thing for sure: this will be the season with the fastest 1-70 leveling in the history of d3 seasons.

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I quoted the patch notes from s28 for d3 that said 99sav gets a 2000% increase of frenzy damage per stack of frenzy.

Ye most a power lift like always with d3.
But some good things also.
i will return only for this
Pets pick up and salvage common, magic, and rare items.

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You think op could be bobbykotick? Busted right Lol

Someone was watching bulked guys in a helicopter.

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GET TO THE CHOPPA!! :slight_smile:

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Yep it’s sad to see blizzard releasing a really good endgame patch for D3

And give D2R a mockery of an endgame mechanic with terror zones

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The D3 patches are not great but what was the last time you spent money on D3? 9 years ago when RoS came out? The patches are pretty good for a one time purchase game.

I suppose that’s fair. It’s a shame d3 was essentially abandoned. It’s an awesome game, but it should have been better.

One difference with D2R, is that there is not 50 persons saying immediately that this is not the diablo we want when a change is introduced.
Remember feedback on TZ with last patch, no we do not want this, we want to continue to run baal run for ages during the whole day…


Its trash …
Every season they change how itens, skills, sets and whatever works.
Its a bad design philosophy.

Previous i liked d3, but then start to change the game every season. D3 become a candy crush saga game…

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We can say also that each season is a new game for free…

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Yes, its become a random game that every season its a new game.

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The only thing I don’t like about the new patch, or really Diablo 3 itself, is the challenge rift stuff or whatever that is.

This new patch puts gear progression behind having to do this. Not a good idea. Half the classes I don’t like playing at all so it’s just busy work to be forced to learn how to play one. But I have to put down the character I enjoy playing to go play something I don’t enjoy playing, and with timers. Bad bad bad. A symptom of the esports mentality that I hate in Blizzard games.

Timers are such a cheap and artificial way to produce difficulty.


Oh darn that hurts~! My bad. It’s been so long. I forget what season it was but i’d finally decided to do all the SD’s in 1 single go. Took a few hours, but Mastery completed.
Since then I rarely will venture into one unless it’s a requirement.
I hope it’s not an RNG item and you have to do multiples and “hunt” the Never Ending Questions. That’s tedious to the extreme even for a Blizz/Diablo title.
Gibbering will probably be the single biggest obstacle though.

Good news. With Wrath being in login to raid mode I’ll have some time to play D3 which I like as much as D2R.


nah, the game is the same, its all about doing GRs in less than 3 min, nothing else
all that changes is what is meta and what is not
the problem lies with people wanting their prefered build to be the top one for all eternity

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They made new classes for whatever reasons, but simply left out some of the old. There is no shape shifting druid, which makes the game irrelevant in the end.
Also, unless you can be a WB or WW the majority of the time for d4 like in d2, I fail to see why I should play it.

oh well.

i cant stand d3 anymore i cant get it to run well on my last 3 systems.

even on this 13900k/3080ti/32gbddr5/m.2 still runs like crap for me. everything else is a charm to play tho :slight_smile:

ive been under some weird curse where its impossible to get satisfactory perfomances in d3.

hopefully d4 wont have that issue… monkaS