D2/LOD USWest--hard crash

Looks like the game-creation server failed again.

Can not create games and no games exist to join. When try to get to page to join a game, get error message “You can not create a game at this time. Please try to join an existing game.”

Problem reported to Bliz.

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All realms are offline atm

Back today? or dont have time for fix?

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It’s probably a rare maintenance (update) to keep and refresh the game status alive.

Interesting if all realms went down at the same time. That would indicate either a coordinated attack on all servers (as there are four sets of servers, not sure how it would be done) or a major (comms?) failure at Blizzard that took down everything. All the servers talk to each other (or to a battle.net central server–common knowledge), so how it all came down would be interesting to learn. Did any of the other games (i.e. both D2R or non-Diablo) games also go down?

other classic blizzard games are still up, and d2r is still up. it’s just legacy d2, and all cores too - softcore/hardcore and nonladder/ladder.

Ok, thanks. Likely a Bnet blowout then.

There are no (D2 or LOD) server Administrator reading this article.
They left the company a long time ago.

It’s gonna take some time to recover. Maybe not.

I do not expect the bureaucrats to monitor these forums. However, I submitted the equivalent of a trouble ticket shortly after the servers went down and never returned. Will have to wait and see what happens overnight, I guess. It has been some hours and nothing yet.

Goodbye. We won’t see any more of your posts–correct?

I’ve recently read somewhere in the Internet today that Blizzard will reset soon both of the newest games (d2r and d3), so they are probably busy to care first for these latest games.

Servers back up on Sun, Jan 15 between 1700 and 18xx Bnet time.