Convert offline character to online?

Due to the server issue, I had to play the offline mode.
Is it possible to convert it online later on so that I can play the same character with my friends or play it on my Nintendo Switch?


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No and No,

D2R currently does not support cross platform play and other than the knowledge you acquire form playing offline mode its just a big ol waste of time.

They will never allow you to move Offline characters to the Online server because it allows for Modification of your characters. That can open them up for failure real quick.

I think also that will be no possible switching offline to online character.

In the opening intail tool tips its spells out the difference between offline and online characters. Clearly states offline characters cant be changed to online. I don’t blame you for skipping the quick read, lots of players do it but they miss information like this because of it

Nope - this will never be allowed due to people being able to modify the characters and cheat with offline.