Constant Crashing Since 2.4 (PC)

Ever since the 2.4 launch, I am having constant and consistent crashes on PC everytime I log into the game. Sometimes it’s as quick as within the first 5 minutes, sometimes I might get 10-20 minutes in before it crashes, but it is consistently happening everytime I log in. It is not limited to just a specific zone (i.e. I’ve seen people talking about crashes during Countess runs. I am crashing anywhere and everywhere in the game)

I am on PC, Windows 10, with an Nvidia GeForce 1060 3GB. I had minimal performance issues with the game before 2.4, and would regularly play for hours at a time with no crashes.

Things I have attempted to remedy the situation:
*Updated video card drivers
*Tried running the game in Windows 7 Compatibility mode (a suggestion I’ve seen on this forum)
*Reduced graphics from Ultra to High (a suggestion I’ve seen on this forum - again was able to run the game very well with Ultra graphics previously)
*Running the Diablo 2 program as administrator
*Scan & Repair (no problems were detected)
*Full blown uninstall / re-install

None of these attempts have remedied the situation.

I know the devs have stated the delayed release of launch from the time of 2.4 was to make sure they could clean up any issues before starting the ladder. I am posting this in hopes that it can be seen and recognized as an issue that needs attention before the ladder launch.


I am having the same exact issue. I’ve followed every tip, trick, YouTube video, etc. Nothing works. I log into the game, and play anywhere between 30 seconds to 10 minutes (with unbearable lag), then if I enter a waypoint or dungeon, the game will just crash. What gives? I’ve followed all of these below steps - no issues.


Same here, did all mentioned above and crashes all the time after patch 2.4, I haven’t experienced any crash before this damn patch. Blizzard why are you doing this to us?

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Franchise408 Your crashing is not linked to a bug. Your crashing is related to a TDR error, this occurs when the GPU doesn’t respond to windows on time or reports back an issue. This is supported by the Dxdiag in the crash logs showing multiple TDR events:

  • P1: VEN_10DE
  • P1: 141

Sources of TDR errors can be caused by many different issues. I always like to narrow it down with the following:

  • Run the system in selective startup to rule out a third party software conflict.

  • Download the latest Nvidia driver again but make sure you perform a clean installation. This is to help rule out any settings or corruption of the driver. When you run the installer when you get to the Install Options section select: Custom (Advanced) → Next → Check Mark: Perform a clean installation → Finish the install and restart.

  • Disable Windows 7 Compatibility mode

  • Right click on the desktop → Select: NVIDIA Control panel → Help → Debug. This will revert the GPU have to default speeds and power usage.

  • I don’t see signs of this but just to be safe if you do Overclock or overvolt your CPU, GPU or memory try returning them all to factory settings.

  • Finally check for overheating as this issue still takes time to occur: Checking for Overheating Components - Blizzard Support ( Keep an eye on your CPU and GPU if either are going above 80c, follow the steps in the article to try lowering the temperatures.

From here you may wish to consult with Nvidia Support who could provide additional advanced steps to troubleshooting a TDR error.

Drzast Your crash is a known issue appears related to going in and out of content a few times, such as the forgotten tower as an example. This is planned to be resolved in a future patch.

Succubix I do not see any signs of an exception error related to crashing from your client it maybe a different kind of crash. For this we would need your system files. I would recommend you open a ticket to us Here.

In summary just like a connection issue, crashes can occur for vastly different reasons but the results to the user are very similar. In this case I did not see a common link between you 3 but I hope the information provided allows you all back into the action soon.

Thank you Zuvykree! Confirming that I submitted all the appropriate information in the ticket.

Thank you for the reply, Zuvykree! I certainly wasn’t expecting it.

I did all the things that you listed. I did a fresh clean install of the graphics drivers, I did the selective startup, disabled Windows 7 Compatibility, and ran in debug mode (I don’t do overclocking, and haven’t had issues with overheating)

I got into the game and crashed within a minute.

I’m unclear what exactly a TDR error is. I would cede to what you’re seeing in the logs, but I do know that I haven’t had any problems until 2.4 hit, and I haven’t had any issues in any other games, so I feel like something happened with 2.4 that changed something.

I’m currently in a queue with Nvidia support so I can see if I can find solutions on their end, but as it stands with the posted fixes, I am still crashing.

I cant launch the game.
Screen freeze after the Bnet connection screen (flames on logo are dancing 1sec then freez)

Before 2.4 : worked well
After patch 2.4 : doesnt work

Scan/repaire : unusefull
Reinstalled : unsusefull
Graphic card uptate : unsuefull
Bnet/Game settings/D2r/ : there is no “reset game option” button

I tested on my old laptop : everything works well there
…but not on my powerfull PC gamer (which works well with any other new or old game)

Tried to remove firewalls : unusefull
Tried to create Technical Request with all the cmd needed (Tracert/MSInfo/PathPing/DxDiag) : no ticket creation possible


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so… what did u do again blizzard? waiting on next patch… game is unplayable now



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Also getting constant crashes. I can’t play the game for more than 5 minutes… very concerning with Ladder only a few days away…

i9 10900K
NVidia 3090
Windows 10

Nothing I’ve tried so far with the above helps. Latest Nvidia drivers, everything.

My friend is also constantly crashing on an Nvidia 3080Ti.

Hopefully this is resolved ASAP in a new patch… the game is literally unplayable at this point :frowning:

I can confirm that the patch didn’t fix it. I just downloaded the latest update and then crashed within 2 minutes.

The rep above has said it’s a TDR error on my end, but I have 0 problems with any other games or programs, and had 0 issues with Diablo 2 until 2.4, so I have a hard time believing it’s on my end.

Same issue here. No issues at all till 2.4 All of my other games are running just fine. Just 2.4 Diablo 2 crashing every 5-10 minutes i try to play, sometimes as quickly as in the menu after booting it up.

So from further investigation, experimentation, and research on the issue, it does seem that it may be a TDR error, as the dev above stated, but it is a TDR error that is caused by Diablo 2 Resurrected itself.

From further testing and research, D2R is NOT properly optimized, and specifically has a problem with Nvidia cards which causes them to overwork and overheat, which leads to the crashes. There are a number of possible solutions to this which I have minimally tested so far, but have gotten some potentially positive results for.

The solutions that I have seen are to go into the Nvidia control panel, and through the GPU itself, cap the FPS, and turn on Vsync. Another possible solution is to drop the resolution scale in D2R.

What seems to be happening is that whatever poor optimization was occurring with D2R was amplified with 2.4, thus necessitating the need for these solutions.

In last night’s minimal testing, I did have a few crashes initially upon adjusting my settings, but after toying around with the Nvidia settings and then the in game settings a bit, and a few crashes and restarts, I was able to get enough game time in to at least complete a Travincal run. Due to my schedule, I was only able to get about 15 minutes of gameplay in after getting it up and running before I had to turn the game off due to scheduling. I don’t know if this is a permanent fix, or if it was just a particular run that lasted a bit longer before crashing.

So while yes, the conclusion of a TDR error does seem to be correct, the TDR errors are caused by D2R itself and its poor optimization. Hence why there are 0 issues with any other games or programs.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed by Blizzard.


This game is such a waste of time and money.


can’t play for more than 5 minutes. gg blizz.


And everything after patch 2.4, already updated everything, from drivers to windows updates, still get the ocasional crash, i can only play 5 min of normal characters or a magic find run, IF i dont get killed due a crash or freezing on battle net.

Thank you blizzard, i think this was the que i needed to stop playing, everything after patch 2.4, before that i had no issues, i was hoping after a couple of weeks there would be a patch or at least some explanation, or blizzards response, but nothing so far.


There def seems to be a issue with D2R overworking high end cards, or just video cards in general. It has been like this since release, and they will not acknowledge the issue nor do anything about it.

All you can do is turn settings down. Thats your only option. Is it silly and ridiculous? Yes, it truly is. But this is what we have to deal with…


same microstuttering every 8secs for 0.3secs as in beta.
i can get rid of stuttering if i restart pc or sometimes bnet+game restart.
but id say i have to force restart like 20times a day.
sometimes smooth for hours…

crashes btw- avoid cow in hc. literally deadzone 4 dcs in 1 hr.

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Crashes seem to be EU servers only. Thus, Blizzard will not care at all.

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