Console locked PC queuing only

This is absolute amateur hour by Blizzard. I’m hitting online over and over to try and log in. As OP stated there is no way to queue so we cannot play… I could do something else and try again later but that depends on whether the servers will still be capped out later (which they no doubt will ). Compensate us please Blizzard or sort it out now. This is a live release lmao not an alpha or beta…


It is time for #Diablo2Refund

This Company has learned NOTHING from Warcraft 3 Refund…


I wonder if servers arent capable of handling such load of players/games/data why would you not upgrade/expand/modernize them? Instead you employ some wired tactics to limit amounf of strain on these servers. The only reason I see is that by doing so, many people who bought the game will just leave it and never play it - decreasing server strain so you would not have to upgrade them and save money :stuck_out_tongue:
But we dont know the full story so we have to speculate.

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They have advised a patch is coming next week for Consoles to add the queuing system for us.


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We expect a patch in the next week that will implement the same queue functionality to consoles.

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So console players are second class citizens to pc? I understand the huge player flux and problems that stem… but this doesn’t seem fair to watch pc players spamming games while we wait to play at off peak times.

The decision to keep the game online while we wait for them to fix it… just take down your mistake and relaunch.


Queues are only a workaround which doesn’t solve the main problem with connections / databases / game creation.
In fact it will just generate new problems while the old ones still exist -.-

Blizz just don’t give a …
about their player at all.

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Of course we r second tier users. We r not even general enough to join the “general discussion”. Cant u see what Blizzard mean?

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Damn straight you are. Get your $500 console out of here and make way for my $3k PC. Hense, second class :slight_smile:

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Exactly this! I have been trying to get on since 0530 this morning, and STILL can’t get in at all. What’s mind boggling about it, is that it just makes people think the servers are down. Such garbage.

What stupid about the inability to join general chat, is I still have an active D2/LOD license on my account, and I can’t even post in a D2 general forum for PC users…

The other issue with the way they implemented this queueing system is that I can’t even connect to bnet to attempt to create a game… at least let console players connect to bnet as a whole and just have the queue for creating a game. Or better yet, streamline the servers and give control of them to Sony/Nintendo/MS to run for their consoles specifically, and cut bnet out of it entirely. Not like we can interact with anyone on Bnet outside of our console anyway.


problem is Blizzard got their money from us, we have to go through Sony and if u opened the game. you likely are not getting your money back.

We are basically forced to buy an over priced PC to play D2R properly.

I could buy a car for 3k hope you like being in debt i wouldnt spend 3k for a pc such a waste of money

never have cared about there customers thats y theres no real contact to them there locked away from us as far as posible no bank or any game ever gives so much bs to try to get help from

Can anyone tell me what “High traffic” time is? I am in EST…I tried logging into the Switch at 630am, wont connect. I am 54 in queue at 7am on a sunday morning.

When is it NOT high traffic time?

No other companies want control of this garbage

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I didn’t pay for a game that I can only play when you say so. This game was advertised as being multiplayer with, not wait in line to Get into an empty lobby. What a RIP off and a joke. Good luck with the legal battles.

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