Concentration Hidden Synergy - Unfair Advantage in Terror Zones

Concentration has a hidden synergy bug, as it increases the damage for Blessed Hammers at 50% efficiency. This was changed back in Patch 1.05 for D2. From my understanding, this is the only skill in the game that has a hidden synergy of this magnitude.

I’m proposing to the developers to remove this hidden synergy as it would put hammers in line with other class abilities in terms of damage. This justified nerf is more important than ever with introduction of Terror Zones to not give an unfair advantage to Paladins.

Blessed Hammer receives synergy from:

  • Blessed Aim: +14% Magic damage per lvl
  • Vigor: +14% Magic Damage per lvl
    • Remove Concentration (hidden synergy): 50% damage increase

Its not a bug like over 15 years…

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That isn’t a synergy and this isn’t a bug lol.

That’s like saying “Fanat has a hidden synergy with normal attack, making it deal 373% enhanced damage at level 20”

lol no

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this is the standard “it originally was a bug but became a feature after being nerfed cuz the playerbase liked it”. it use to be 100% damage increase lol. hammers also use to ignore magic immunity on undead like holy bolts