Completely broken

Cold mastery is broken now.
Elemental builds are even stronger than before. Melee builds got even worse than they already were. Hammerdin got massively buffed with that charm. Trapsin, Summoner, etc are basically dead now.

Conclusion: Sorc, Pala - elite races established


Copy paste out of other thread and in short terms: you are wrong

you dont think to the end, sorry.
Everywhere i read “col=OP now” and no…it is not and you can test it already on the PTR.
Fire for example is in endgame with sunder-charm much stronger than cold.

Cold-Sorc has e.g. 8,5k Blizzard Dmg, Meteor+Ticks+2-3FBs between are (42k, 10,5k, 2-3x 22k)

With no other items the cold-sorc is stronger than the fire-sorc, because the -95% could be brought down to -80% resistance.

That would mean: around 15k dmg for Blizzard and around 6000k for Fire

Now the “but…” comes:

1.) Cold was always stronger than Fire (at mobs with no immunities)
2.) Fire is more flexible, targeting/speed and so on
3.) most important reason:

Cold dmg would be at “max” in this conclusion, no more way to add big damage!!!
→ THIS is SO important to understand!! Infinity/Conviction aura and so on…does not matter anymore for cold or in other terms only " a little bit", because you cant go under -100%!

But fire you can wear e.g. items with -resistance (infinity, helmet…rasha weapon).

No lets calculate again…the 6k dmg with 95%…we add infinity+rasha-set and we are on -100% resistance already, so 95-100= -5

The total 110000 fire dmg (Meteor+2sec Tick+3 Fireballs between Meteor) are now 115000 dmg in total. Even with only 1sec Tick and only 2 Fireballs its soooooo much more than the 16k Blizzard damage.

Because no big enemies have immunities, you wont hit the same mob often with more than 1 “shard”.

The calculation is not perfect, i dont want to waste too much time, but you all dont think to the end. Endgame FIRE is way stronger than cold, because you have easily more damage potential in endgame and you are more flexible and faster. (1 bad placed blizzard and you kill nothing for 2sec…)


Wait a second….!
You are cold sorc is now not OP because fire sorc is even more god tier?
brain implosion
Do you have any idea how broken the current builds are now? No you do not.

Cold sorc is now the ultimate king for all average players. When you get 20+ HRs go ahead and play fire instead.

Mesnwhile 90% of all other builds cry. Most classes/builds got useless.

I am one of the only people here that actually thinks.


You are about 2 decades late… :rofl:

You, Sir, are clueless.

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wrong…cold sorc doesn’t change much upon getting charm…fire and light does change big time

early game you wont have the sunder charm either…so basicly…cold sorc position doesn’t change early game…she get toss aside by fire and light however if they both acquire a sunder at the same time

so nah…avg player wont all be cold sorc more than b4…cold sorc has alway been the go to option for starter along hammerdin and light sorc even without the charm…not sure how the maths are done in your brain but nothing change early gameplay…end game is the only place where cold sorc gonna fall off hard due to those charms

so all i be reading is “oh no my cold sorc is no longer gonna be best with end game, i must pretend that she’s broken now so blizz make her stay queen with enough whining”


i`m agree after 1,10 sorc become broken but the class always get buff and become more broken , sorc now is a poe class 1 click and shatter all the map, the game become so ridiculed with 0 chalenge and pvp is dead , the dev really kill the game

Your conclusions are just not correct, it made the math for you and you just ignored it.
Its ok when your argument is that the charms are bad for the game and elemental-classed would be more OP than (already) before…
but it is just wrong to say “cold-sorc is OP due to the charms”, when the easy math showed you that also without infinity the fire sorc is stronger than the cold-sorc due to this fact. Please read and understand…just 1 time.

110k dmg (look at the math) and easy rasha-stuff with -15% fire resistance and the fire sorc makes already more dmg (16.5 vs. 16.2 at best) than the cold-blizzard-sorc. There is even no need for infinity lol…
but if you add infinity (and you have to, because every post vs. Hammerdin is also included Enigma) than the cold-sorc has no more benefits and the fire sorc makes the jump from 16.5 to 115k dmg.
And we dont talk about average players…to get full rasha (which is not endgame) you wont need 2 weeks to play lol, that is nothing.

You understood that we talk only about immunities? No big farmspot, no big boss has any immunities. If i dont want to play PIT due to immunes cold, then i make just the same TC85-areas in A3 or A2.
→ that is NO argument

If your argument is that Sorc is already OP…ok…but this is an other story and that is Diablo for 20 years…
The only truth is that the charms make endgame even more piece of cake, but telling cold would benefit most (especially endgame) is just wrong. Fire-sorc is now the way to go if you want a meta-sorc.

you guys arguing on which sorc is the most broken

blizzard ruined d2r :frowning:

we just got one single ladder before those huge mega changes that change -everything-
and after being like 3-4 months late on reset
this must a joke >:( blizzard im mad


You are right. Cold sorc is just the easier target, the tip of the iceberg.

All sorc are now way stronger.

Everyone seems to be oblivious of the Poison Nova Necro :rofl:

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Agreed, cold mastery isn’t broken, due to the fact that cold damage scaling is the worst of the elements. All elements are more powerful now, but the problem isn’t cold mastery…

The problem is that the builds that needed most buffing (physical melee) didn’t get it, and the builds that didn’t need it get stronger with those charms.
Sorceress completely OP now, Pala still S-tier. I hear Poison necro is also OP, and necro was already a viable class, especially for HC. Fire Druid may work now… but what about werewolf, werebear, Assassin, Barbarian???

Additionally I fear that when you don’t encounter immunities you have practically no reason to work as a team and play together anymore…
and with the TZ introduced I will certainly only farm solo p1 in private games.

Very bad decision making from the D2r team. Very.


Until you get your Infinity, flickering flame, griffons, phoenix and stuff a cold sorc ll be rich with her dual spirit shako and insight using her charm and pressing 1 button.
While melee builds or hybrid builds got nothing. The biggest winner for these charms are the most played classe we already have: Sorc.


by the time a blizz sorc get death fathom…a light sorc will have their hand on crescent moon(-35% light resists)…flickering flame also fairly easy to make…Pheonix Shield would never be use by a fire sorc…there too much stats to sacrifice by not using Spirit

and just like a few other above…you claim that cold sorc wil get infinity//sunder charm b4 the other elements…which is fail math…and assuming a cold sorc find a light sunder first…guess what…they will respect to light sorc and drop their cold build and never go back to cold if they happen to find a cold sunder afterward

lastly…the fact that you mentionned pheonix shield being use by a fire sorc show just how much you know nothing about the game

I think we can all agree these new charms widen the gap between caster and melee even more. I wish they would focus on buffing 2H weapons and unique items, but what do I know? Physical builds are getting worse with these changes.

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Bro Blizz Sorc just needs a dual Spirit and a Insight plus the Gc. Also Phoenix reduces max fire res by 28%, plus life and redemption aura and fire max res and absorb to counter the Gc drawback.

No gear needed at all, thats the point about the cold sorc.

And if the cold sorc gets a hand on a lightning sunder Gc without infinity, she ll not be as strong as the Blizz sorc. Just check the PTR.
Fire/Lightning Sorc without infinity is garbage near a Blizz Sorc.

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akara let you convert and wrong crescent moon runeword is -35% to lightning …-35 + -75% from sunder gc = -110% vs non-immune(Negative -60% vs non-immune)…goal is not to farm areas with most immune to your element…Chaos Sanctuary is an amazing place for light sorc with a sunder charm and wont even require infinity…the ghostly mobs in there are super weak and there no serious lightning dmg done by them

-28% fire res vs 35% fcr and 2 skill isn’t worth it…let alone the 55% FHR and huge mana gain for speedy regen that also come along from spirit…FHR will save your butt from dying…Pheonix willl just let you die if you get surround and get hit a single time

edit: the sorb from pheonix is not % aka thrash(non-% only work vs fire left on ground from like meteor,fire wall,blaze)…and honestly the only places you would have concern about fire resists are travincal and Nilathak(corpse explosion) which aren’t dot dmg

Whats the point to farm Chaos when Terror Zones is a thing? I mean, if the GCs going live like it is everybody ll be a Cold Sorc until they get their Infinity and Fire/Lightning Gcs to swap and speed things up. But the majority of players that cant get 2xBer ll faceroll the stuff being a Blizz Sorc.

Theres lots of people doing the math saying Fire/Lightning > Cold endgame but how much players we have? Endgamers or Casuals?

I just dont want the game to be one class game. Gcs are poor designed.

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terror zones are mostly cold immunes so…not gonna have a flood of them in these areas
light sorc…javazon…hammerdin will be dominant for the terror zones

GC are indeed broken for light,fire,magic and poison(too huge boost vs non-immunes)

while cold isn’t as strong as the other i think it should also be nerf…the only one that need buff is the physical one…should bypass 30% of monsters block rate because 25% dps boost is nothing on top of 700%+(300% fort, 300% fana 100% ish attacking skill)

bosses have up to like 50-55% block rate and regular enemies around 30%…which is a huge dps nerf to melees(although smite bypass that block so smite dmg doesn’t get halved)

You do know that -75 from Sunder GC does not apply to enemies right? Its a penalty to your character.