Charged Strike Amazon Lost Damage in 2.4

It is a nerf to hybrid builds or diverse builds.
I used 20Cs+20LF and 1 point in synergies. Some points in pasive and in Bow Tree. 12 in multishot,20 GA, and 1 strafe. Wearing Bowazon items (fortitude,100/45 helm…etc).

Another nerf is who wants a diverse javazon using 40 points in lighting skill(Cs+LF) and 40 points in poison (PG&PG). With this build you do 3 types of damage (physical, lightning, poison). Does less massive damage, but sometimes mini-bosses are immune to lightning/physical. With that build you can kill all the npc in the game.


so, good, I guess? charged strike is one of the strongest skills in the game.

not good because nothing for hybrid javazons will replace it. E.g. Lightning Bolt could be buffed