Character missing after exiting game

Same, my character disappear after closing the game


Same happened to me I created a necro played up to Raven had to log out and no my necro is gone.

Same thing happened to me, made it to level 6 and was unable to identify anything so I save/quit, it showed me as level 1 so I closed the game and reopened to no character.


just made it to level 10 or something and tried to make a private game, it said my character cant be found on the server. restarted the game and my character was completely gone


Same thing happened here couldnt Identify any items then it exited me out of the game and my character was gone.

Level 6, unable to identify anything - in black marsh.

This also just happened to me

same. And i’m trying to make a new character, and it doesn’t let me…

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Same here. Got to disconnect due to a bug, no character once i logged back in.
Lost 50min, i was lvl 12 that’s ok yeayh.

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Same thing happened to me. Had boots that I couldn’t identify, so I sold them to Akara to see what they were, but it soft-locked my game with a message like “waiting on transaction”. Had to force quit and it completely deleted my character.

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Same. Created Sorc. Got all the way to Malus and went to identify with Cain. Game froze up and told me to “wait until transaction was completed” ?? Whatever that means. And had to Alt+F4 to get it to unfreeze. Sorc is now completely gone. Also won’t let me create a new character. Says I’m not connected to the internet yet…here i am. Reporting a bug. On the internet…

Games starting off pretty bad. I too lost a lvl 6 necro after saving and exiting

Same here, first unable to ID items after the Den and now no character.

Yeah this need to be fixed -.- so dumb that this issue even happened


Same for me, lost my progression after leaving my lobby, then lost all character after leaving the game…

Yup, killed blood raven, couldn’t ID any of the items, save & exit, tried to re-enter game, character not found. exit to main menu, rejoin lobby, character level 1 again. WAY TO GO BLIZZARD just knocking it out the park as everyone expected!

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Same Here, Created Helona, completed Countess then my char is completely gone…Like if I had never played…

character disapeared and cantcreate a new one, great classic blizzard move!

Game crashed, came back, character deleted. WTF Blizzard ???


same here. i got to the countess and the game died, character no longer there.